Thursday, October 21, 2010

How I feel: Week 21

Daddy Felt The Kicks!
Since the baby started to kick. Mike has been very persistent on trying to see if he could feel the baby kick. For 2 straight weeks he didn't feel anything. And I felt so bad because I knew how bad he wanted to feel his little one like I did. Feel a part of the whole thing. Finally one night he felt the little kick and made a sound. I said, "Did you feel the baby?????" This time I was not disappoint with the answer. He had a big grin on his face and said, "Yes." Since then he has felt the baby several times. I am soooo thrilled that he FINALLY got to feel his night owl baby rolling and kicking in me. It was a wonderful moment!

Ugh So UGLY!
Ugh....the other night. Mike noticed on my hips the thing I was trying to avoid through out this whole pregnancy. Yes.....STRETCH MARKS!!! UGH!!!! I just wanted to cry!!! However, looking again after all the emotions had passed....they look like the small little marks I had during my growth spurt when I was younger. They are just more apparent because my butt is getting bigger. Yes, you heard right my BEHIND is getting bigger! I am kind of glad about this because I have no butt. However, I would love to have a bigger butt with out the war wounds that are being left there. Oh well.....the things that come with having a little one.

At work I had several events that I was going to that I needed to look decent for. So I decided to shop a little because my current maternity wear (pants) made me look frumpy and not a glowing prego. I bought a cute dress, leggings, tights & a long shirt. And boy do the tights and the leggings comfortable. Why didn't I wear these before!?!  I want to wear them more often, but I need to find a few more tops and dresses that are more decent for work and not so casual or super dressy. I will be going on the hunt again, but I am feeling better now about shopping. Because I got so many great compliments about what I wearing before. And my husband said I was a "HOT MOMMA," which totally made my day! So I am motivated...I want to be a "hot momma" ALWAYS!

Registering has BEGUN!
I had been putting off registering because the last time I was at Babies R' Us I was completely overwhelmed. I just wanted to walk right out after I walked in. Last time I just stood on the bottle & nipple for literally 30 minutes with a blank stare. Wow....what an experience. So I began my registry online because it wasn't as bad as being there in person. I was hoping to go to Babies R' Us just once to look at the stroller and car seat. However, I started to think about it more I need to look at more stuff in person. I thought I would do this closer to my personal shower date in January. But my co workers wanted to throw me a shower at the end of November. So I went this week to Babies R' Us when I had a 1/2 day off. I figured going in the middle of the day wouldn't be as bad because I can take my time with out people rushing me and standing around me. My experience this time wasn't all too bad. I still have no idea what I am doing. I this was a PetSmart registry I would know exactly what I needed and want! But with this baby I have no idea!!! Maybe I will get gift cards and I can use them afterwards because I more than likely will making more trips then. The next place I need to tackle the registering will be Target!



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