Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 17 & 18

Week 17: Draaaag
This week I have been completely exhausted. Feels like I am back in my 1st trimester. In the morning I am just dead tired and by the end of the day I feel the same. It is worse when I don't have food in my belly. I guess I need to eat more energy producing foods.

Speaking of food. All I can think about is crawfish right now. Super spicy crawfish! When I ask my self what I want for lunch or dinner all I can imagine is crawfish. I was able to get my fix this week again. I really want this craving to stop because eating crawfish is so much work.

I am still eating lots of pickles. This has not changed one bit.

Week 18: Oh....Nutella!
My favorite go to snack that I just can't get enough of NUTELLA!!! YUM it is SOOOO good. Before I go to bed I am in bed with my spoon and jar of nutella. Mike laughs at me every time he watches me do it. I don't care. I love it!!

I am getting less sleep at night. I guess that is due to the more frequent potty breaks. And the fact that I can't go back to sleep when I get up. It's only the beginning. Only can get use to it.

I am getting headaches, which would be fine if they were not accompanied by nausea. Hopefully this will past. On a good note. I feel the baby more often feels like he is doing flips every now and then. I really can't wait to show Jett when you can see the kicks. It is going to be so cool.



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