Wednesday, August 21, 2013

32, 33, 34 weeks

Oh boy.... the long stretch.
At 32 weeks we did another ultrasound to check on the growth of the baby. Dr. Young found some fluid in the baby's kidneys. He asked we come back in a couple of weeks to see if the fluid was still there. He said that it was probably urine that he just hasn't peed out yet.

33 weeks started to take iron supplements. I thought I didn't have to take them, but after my last set of blood work done I would need too. Boo! Luckily Dr. Young gave me iron samples so I didn't have to go buy any. He really rocks. Always looking out for me.

My rings are becoming tighter. I stopped wearing my Aggie ring, but still wearing my wedding band and e-ring. I think the combination of the hot weather and being pregnant my fingers are getting swollen.

I don't sleep much anymore. I am super uncomfortable. I can't sit for a long period of time or stand. At night the baby is very active and wakes me up in the middle of the night.

Follow up Ultrasound-34 weeks
We went in for the follow up ultrasound. Jett came along and was very excited too see the baby. Baby was measuring great and was looking to be around 4 lbs at this point at 34 weeks, 6 days. He still had fluid in his kidneys. Dr. Young said it was very common in boys, but it works it self out after they are born.

I have to say being super pregnant in the summer is not fun. You are already uncomfortable for being so big, but it is even worse when it is triple digits outside. I am loosing my breathe when I talk to people standing up. I really don't remember that happening when I was preggo with Jett. I am just at the most uncomfortable point in my pregnancy. Can't bend over, can't breathe, can't walk. Just a whole bunch of cants. Luckily Mike has been really awesome taking care of me and Jett.

34 weeks. My last preggo pic



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