Monday, November 29, 2010

Good bye 2nd Trimester Hello 3rd!

Wow....I can not believe this week is here that I am transitioning from the middle leg of this marathon to the last leg of it! I was told when I was entering the 2nd trimester that this would be the fun/honeymoon trimester that I would fall in love with pregnancy. Since now experiencing the 2nd trimester I would have to disagree. I wasn't miserable, but I certainly did not fall in love with pregnancy. This trimester certainly had it's ups and downs. Just like the 1st, but it definetly was something I was LOVING!

Something of things I did like about this trimester....

  • More energy
  • My visible baby bump
  • Feeling the baby move
  • Less potty breaks
  • No more progesterone!
Things I did not like....
  • Itchy Belly
  • Feeling swollen all the time
  • Hungry all the time
  • Back aches
  • Clothes not fitting at all
  • Not being able to sleep
  • Uncomfortable pressure on my belly when the baby moves to a certain position
  • Belly rubbing on everything when I am working on something
I complain alot, but it really wasn't too bad. I hear during the 3rd trimester that it is one of the worse trimesters because you get so big. I am looking forward to it though because that means it is almost the end and we finally get to hold our little baby. Less than 90 days and our little Martin will be here!!!!



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