Monday, November 29, 2010

Week 26: How I feel

Let's Talk About Some Tears....
I have been extremely emotional the past few days. So emotional that tears just roll down my face and I am genuinely sad. Mike was talking to me about Lucy and training her and I just started to cry like a little baby. Tears were just rolling down my face. Then after that he would just mention something so small and my eyes would just fill with tears! I guess it's the roller coaster of emotions/hormones that has me so sensitive about everything. At least they are tears that are gushing and not shots of anger! Ha! I prefer that way more then the angry Liz. Mike is definetly a trooper going through these hormonal changes with me. Can't be easy coping with a hormonal pregnant woman.

Nightmares...Please Go Away!
In the 2nd trimester I noticed that my dreams were becoming more and more vivid and felt more realistic to me. Sometimes I couldn't distiguish I had a dream or if it was something happening in the real world. It is so strange and unerving. However, the past few weeks I've been having the WORST nightmares. I wake up several times a night waking up with my heart pounding & with my body beading with sweat. I am genunily frighten and scared waking up multiple times a night to these dreams. Alot of them have to do with my dad some have to do with people dying or something happening to the baby. All in and all they are just not fun. I do not like the feeling that I have when I wake up remembering these dreams. Why can't I have vivid dreams about puppies, beaches, or Justin Timberlake (ha!). I guess I need think of more positive things during the day to get those dreams. With the holidays coming up hopefully these nightmares will die down and I will have heavenly dreams about the baby and our little family.

I Am Nesting He Says...
I have the need to CLEAN!!! This past weekend I cleaned our house topped to bottom. I swept, mopped, dusted, do laundry, dishes & more. My body was so sore once I was done. I definetly over did it. It was worth it though! Mike was laughing at me because in the middle of the night he was watching me dust off the curtain rods in our living room then the next thing he sees me with the scrapper scrapping the tile off the floors. It's funny, but I am getting things DONE!



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