Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 10: How I feel

Ugh.... how I despise you morning sickness!
Morning sickeness has not really come to haunt me during this trimester, which I am very blessed to not experience. The only thing I feel is being nauseas every now and then when I eat certain foods or smell an overpowering cologne or perfume. Well this week is the week that I was hit hard for 1 day of the dreadful thing we call morning sickness. BLAH!

I woke up on Thursday feeling terrible!! I was extremely weak and pale. I had no energy and my stomach was turning. All morning I was dry heaving, which I ABSOLUTLEY just hate! I rather just throw up because at least something comes out. The dogs were so sweet. Surrounding me and giving me kisses because they new I was feeling miserable. Eventually I slowly got ready and went to work. I took a bag with me just encase I needed to get sick in the car. I arrived at the parking garage at work and I had the urge to get sick. I sat helplessly in my car dry heaving once again and nothing! I sat at my desk at work and I just couldn't move or do anything. So I decided I would take a 1/2 day off and go home.

So I left and ate 1/2 a sandwich and took a nap. I woke up and I felt even worse! My lower back was killing me! I spent most of my day in bed. I tried to clean some because we had people coming over, but I could only clean in 5 minute increments. I was so weak I had to rest. It was just missssseraable! I took my temp and had a low fever. I had to get that down soon. So I went to get something to eat and stopped by Walgreens to get some stuff. The evening got a little better after I took some the Tums & Tylenol. I went to bed and the next day I felt 20 times better!!!!

Today was the week that I had to invest in my 1st maternity thing! So exciting! I purchased my Bella Band at Target on Sunday. I had noticed my pants were getting a little tight up front, but still buttonable. However, when I buttoned them it made had the urge to go to the potty every 5 minutes and there was really nothing to go to the restroom for. Once I undid the button it was fine. I should be comfortable during this time. So I decided it was time to get that Bella Band.

I wore the band for the first time at work. It didn't feel to bad. I was concerned that I would be so hot in it. Since it would be up against my skin and it was just more fabric than usual. Suprisngly it was not hot with the triple digit heat wave we have been going through lately. I was trying to hide the natural color with my shirt. I felt even more pregnant with that on. Yay!

Eeeek....not what you want to see
I did have a small little scare this week. I noticed a tiny spot of blood down there. When I saw it I started to freak out and started to cry. I was praying hoping it was not my worst fear. Mike calmed me down by getting my book and looking it up. It said it was normal. As long I was not gushing blood and cramping. I didn' t have any of that. So I thought I would skip the ER visit that night. Was a huge scare. I am still a little parnoid until I go to the doctor next week for my check up.

Let the Nursery begin!
This week we started to clean out the room that will be the nursery. We will be taking the remainder of the stuff out in a couple of weeks when Mike's youngest sister takes what she needs for college. Then we will have an empty room to start working on. I can't wait because we have alot to do!!



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