Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 12: How I feel

I Need A Massage!
My lower back has been aching the past few days. I am not sure if it's the new belly that is creating this discomfort to my back. All I know is I am ready for that prenatal massage that I couldn't get last week! Ugh! I was dying when I got home Sunday morning from a hair photo shoot.  Luckily Mike rubbed my back quite a bit on Sunday. My body just can't handle what it use too. I just need a lot more rest than before. I was so lucky to have a lazy Sunday. It was great!

Besides the back pain I am starting to feel normal again. I am starting too cook and clean like I use too before I got pregnant. Which is great! Eating out and laundry piling up is not fun. It's great not coming home now and just laying down because I was so tired. Or I just didn't have the desire to do anything. I am so glad I have regained my energy. I am started to walk our dogs for a little more exercise so that might be helping out too. All I know it is great to be somewhat normal again!!

12 week pictures....I feel bigger than the picture really shows (more bloat....blah)



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