Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 11: How I feel

My Growing Waistline
This week I definitely felt pregnant. My belly decided to just pop out out of no where. I can no longer can button up my pants and slowly I am unable to even zip my pants. I had to get another BeBand, but in black. My nude color one just was standing out too much. However, I am very excited about the growing bump. Doesn't look like I am quite prego yet. I just look like I have gut, but I know it will get there. Maybe in 2 more weeks I will have a definte bump.

I am rubbing my belly constantly with some type of cream, balm & oil. I am DETERMINED NOT to have ANY stretch marks!

Pickles & Sunflower seeds....
People have asked me what I have been craving lately. It's weird, but they are pickles and BBQ Sunflower seeds! I am soooooo addicted! I can go through 1 bag of sunflower seeds in a day and a half. A jar of pickles in 1 day. It is soooo good! I think about it now and I want them both!



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