Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 16: How I feel

Damn those Maternity Clothes makers!
This past weekend I was determined to find some maternity pants for work & some jeans on the weekends. I had my Saturday list all planned out on where all I was going to go. First stop was Gap Maternity....I heard so many great things about their maternity jeans I thought I would have better luck then the weekend before. Um...I was wrong. I tried on 2 slacks and 2 pair of jeans and they were TERRIBLE! The length was super duper long and on top of that you can fit all my dogs in my pants. I looked like I was wearing a parachute. So much extra space and everything is just WAAAY to big. I was so surprised since I tried my pre pregnancy size in maternity wear. I guess these clothing companies take into account the belly growth, but I always thought that's why there is the stretchable band.

Second stop the mall....I was going to stop at Macy's for the clothes and Aldo for some flats I wanted to get. I arrived at Macy's and they had this HUGE sale going on so it was chaos. I walked around the department store 3 times looking for the maternity section. I tried to look for someone to help me, but they were all manned at the cashier with lines going out the door. I tried looking for a map, but I guess the Macy's in The Woodlands was created by a man and believed we didn't need one. So I gave up and went to Aldo to look for the flats and they were gone! The others I tried on were just plain ugly. So I quit the mall. After the mall I went to Marshall's & Ross and both were failed attempts. Then I went to my glorious Target and had some little bit of success and a glimmer of hope.

I tried a few more jeans again and slacks. The slacks were not as bad as the Gap, but still pretty big. Jeans were huge too except for this one pair. It actually fit decently. Not exactly how I wanted it to be around the butt area, but I thought I would buy them just because I don't think I will find anything better that fits. So finally some success! I decided then after going to Gap, Marshall's, Ross, Target and wander through a crazy mall for 5 hours I was done for the day. I felt defeated for just buying one maternity item. Maybe that following weekend I thought.

On Sunday since I had a little bit more rest I decided I would try one more time with my best shopping partner, Mike. He always picks out great things and so fast. After church we went to Kohl's and he helped me find a pair of black slacks and 2 cute tops. I felt much much better after that. I need to go to another Kohl's location to look for some more slacks at work. I have worn my new maternity pants sooo much, but they are just so much easier and comfortable.

So after the long weekend I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman that I had the money to buy clothes, but I couldn't find anything cause no one wanted to help me at the stores. And Mike was Richard Gere coming to save the day by helping me with the shopping.

1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of slacks, 2 tops = success for right now. :-)

The Belly Finally Entered The Room....
I am very excited to see my belly is actually starting to really appear. I really look like I am pregnant now. In the morning I just look like have a pooch, but by the end of the day I have a round little tummy. Mike is really loving it too.

My ta tas have really grown too. Too a point there are not even recognizable to me! Of course Mike is really loves the new growth there too. It is funny how amazed he is by all the changes of my body. He says my mommy body is blossoming. He jokes that the Ta Ta fairy has come to visit and he is very happy. Ha! I guess I am becoming a curvy mommy the next 5 months. I guess I should enjoy it now before the baby deflates them. Ha ha!



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