Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 17: How I feel

I've always had a few light sun spots on my face and the back of my arms. I had a lot removed when I graduated from college when I went to Korea. Some came back because of the hellish sun beams that we get here in Houston. A little bit of concealer always covered them up. However, I noticed the past few weeks and especially this week that I am finding more of these sun spots. And they are the darkest they have ever been. There not just showing up on the back of my arms like a game of connect the dots, but even my legs!! And even worse they spots are becoming darker on my face. I've heard this occurring of dark pigments on your skin, but this is just ridiculous. Concealer is barely covering up what is on my face. The back of my left arm is just now embarassing. I decided after we have our last child I will get the spots removed. They make very self conscious. Most people say it isn't a big deal, but to me they are. These spots are not like your typical freckles. They are HUGE!!!

I'm Part Of The Club
I attended one of our long time Cutco friends, Matt & Leeanne's, baby shower this week. This shower was for 3 girls due a month apart from each other. As soon as I walked in I felt so welcomed. I felt like I was part of a new club, The Preggo Club. We talked so much about each other pregnancies and we have gone through and what I should expect the months to come. It was really nice to chat with other gals. I am usually distant with people I don't know very well and stay pretty much to myself especially with women. I had a great time though listening to everyone's experiences.

I noticed since I have been pregnant that anyone who is a mother is the same way as the girls were to me at the shower. Opening up there arms to me and sharing there experience and genuninely interested on how I am doing. I am in the "new" club. Yes! Definetly different, but I am really enjoying it. I compare it to becoming an official Aggie. Only Aggie's know how it feels to be an Aggie. I guess that goes the same way being preggo. It's awesome!



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