Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 18: How I feel

Hello to My Teenager Skin
It has been known that I NEVER have problems with my skin. Only when I am extremely stressed out is when I break out around my chin area. Even after I stopped taking birth control my skin went a little wild, but went back to normal. I can remember as a teenager that I rarely had a pimple. Just recently I have these huge mountains of ugliness just pop up on my face. Literally it feels like everyday Mike points to me and says,"Did that thing just pop up in 1 day???" And the answer is always YES! It is extremely frustrating since I wash my face day and night. I take care my skin more now then I did before I was pregnant and I have the worse skin problems. I know it's because the increase in hormones, but can't I just have that glowing skin that you hear pregnant women have?? I guess not....maybe in a few weeks!

A Stranger Asked...
People that know me already know that I am pregnant so they are looking for the baby bump. They see it right away even though it's not anything to get too excited over. I am in that middle stage that some days I just look like I have a gut and some days I look preggo. However, for the first time this weekend I had a complete stranger, at our garage sale we had this weekend, asked me if i was expecting. I was so excited because that meant my bump was actually apparent!! WOO HOO! Strangers only ask when they know for sure or either just plain rude. Ha! This was definitely a monumental thing for me!!

Week 18



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