Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 30: How I feel

Emotional Roller Coaster....AGAIN about extreme roller coaster of emotions again. One day I am completly in a great mood. Full of smiles and laughter. Then the next thing you know I am angry angry and more angry. Then I am bawling crying. It would be nice to stick with just one. Feels like I have multiple personalities. Mike is such a great support in all this. I would totally snap at him if he acted the way I was. I am so lucky to have him.

"OMG....You Are About To Pop!"
This week I was trying to finish all of my Christmas shopping. Most of the time when I am shopping people are very nice cordial of my bump. Asking when I was due and how cute I looked. Most of the time people couldn't tell I was pregnant until I moved the items I was holding away from my belly. They are always in completle shock. However, I was at Charming Charlies walking around and all of sudden I hear a girl that works there go to me, "OMG, You are about to POP!!!" I was I am not. I am only 7 months. Think what you want. I am not HUGE. I am considered pretty small. Oh well. I thought it was just funny she was making such a big deal.

Oh The Knees
I guess the weight gain around the mid section is getting to my knees. My knees hurt so bad now. I can't be on my feet to long with out my knees just aching. I want to take a Tylenol, but I am really trying to restrain from doing that. I have gone so long from taking any meds I want to go as long as possible. If I can handle the pain then I will. Maybe I need to get better foot support. A great excuse for me to go shoe shopping!! :-)

Me at 30 weeks and 4 days
I hate the line down my belly. So ugly!



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