Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 35: How I Feel

God's Random Messenger
I was at the Kroger's sushi bar browsing through the sushi items seeing what I could eat and not eat. I was totally in my own world debating between the rock and roll and the shaggy dog. Then all of a sudden I felt this presence behind me start talking to me. I thought it was someone I knew at work sneaking up behind me to tell me hello, but too my surprise it was a priest with crazy hair. He says to me "Your are the most beautiful in this form in God's eyes." Then he hands me a pink rose and walks away. I said, "Thank you" and just stood there for a moment and turned back around and the priest was no where to be found. As I proceeded to check out of the Kroger I kept repeating what the priest had said to me and he was right. I know God felt this way. I started thinking deeper into the situation of what just happened and it hit me. This was God's way of telling me to stop complaining about what I am going through because I had been complaing alot about how uncomfortable I was. It was his way of telling me I need to enjoy my last few weeks of my 1st pregnancy. It was definetly a wake up call. Sooooo......

I will enjoy the last few weeks I have...I only have this experience once of my first pregnancy. :-)

Back To School!
Mike and I hit it hard with the classes this week. We took a breastfeeding, infant care & infant cpr class. All of them were great! The one that freaked me out the most was the breastfeeding class. I am trying to tell myself I can do this. I hear it is really realy a hard & frustrating process, but then when you do nurse it is the best thing ever. That's what I keep telling myself "the best thing ever," but I am still really freaked out about it. Mike tells me I worry too much, but I can't help to think that a living breathing human being is depending on me producing noursihment out of my body to keep it alive. Such a big deal! What a responsibility! I guess I will just have to take 1 day or feeding at a time. ;-)

The other two classes were great. Alot of it was repeated from the child birthing class we took in a month prior. However, some parts were a little bit more detailed and we learned how to swaddle. The CPR class was great. I am really glad we took that. I hope I never have to be in a situation that we need to use CPR because that is very very scary I would literally freak out, but it is really good that we know just encase we need too.

Nursey Progress
Mike has been working hard on the nursery this week. He is officially done with ALL the furniture, which looks fantastic by the way. He is now painting the nursery. I was little disappointed that my original gray accent wall wasn't dark enough, but Mike of course the genius that he is added some color to it and made my darker accent gray color. I can't wait till it is all done!! Then it will be the floors and then move everything in!!! WOO HOO!!

Me at 35 weeks....getting rather large!



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