Thursday, January 6, 2011

Week 32: How I feel

...the uncomfortable hugeness!! The past week has to be the most uncomfortable I have ever felt through out this whole pregnancy. The size of my belly has been really taking a toll on me. It is really difficult for me to maneuver around. I have a permanent waddle. Literally! I can't stand to long because I get out of breathe. I can't even sit too long because the extra weight makes my lower half numb. It's one after the other. I know it will only get worse the next 7 weeks. I am praying I can get through this.

Little Hiccups
I had felt little hiccups of the Martin baby earlier in the pregnancy, but this week it has been occuring much more often. It's kind of really cute to know that my baby has the hiccups in my belly. Mike says he feels bad for the little one because having the hiccups period is just miserable. I would have to agree with him, but still so freaking cute at the same time.

A Permanent Jab on My Left Side
On top of the uncomfortable hugeness it doesn't help that the baby has permanently jammed its' elbow into my left side. Extrememly uncomfortable. Especially when I am going to sleep at night. I can only sleep on my side now and when I do the baby must not like it because it is whaling on me. I wake up several times a night just for the baby jabbing or kicking me. I know this will all stop soon once there is no room at all for the little one to move. It's nuts how active this little thing is!

New Years 2010!
We celebrated our last New Years of just us at Mike's brothers house. It was alot of fun. I positioned myself infront of the food table and just chowed down. That was the only thing keeping me up. I was sleeeepy. Didn't think I would make it to midnight. Mike was nice enough to buy me non alcholoic champagne so I can participate and enjoy the fesitivies when the clock struck midnight. I couldn't believe we are now in 2011 the year that things will change our lives forever. I am really really looking forward to it!! It will be a great year!

Me at 32 weeks! I feel HUGE and about to burst!



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