Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week 5: How I feel....

I am about a little bit over 5 weeks right now. The symptoms of this little baby Martin has kicked in to full gear. My chest feels like it is being pushed to the ground. Not alot of fun. I feel like my chest weighs about a 100 lbs! I have constant mild cramping. I can deal with that because it isn't so bad.

Some of the worst things is the fatigue. Around 1 or 2 in the afternoon I am so tired I need to take a nap. This is the hardest during the week at work because I can not concentrate because I am so tired. I want to wrap myself in a blankie and curl up into a little ball underneath my desk, but unfortunately it would be frowned upon by management. ha!

Another symptom that kicked into gear this week is my heightened senses. Not my hearing (I wish), but my taste and smells. The smell of smoke, beer, spices, and perfume drive me crazy. Mike and I went to Smashburger ordered some of their fries. I had to push the fries over to Mike because the smell was making me sick. BLAH!!! They were good it was just the smell. Then the taste of bacon is not the same. I love bacon! I had it added to my burger and I had to stop eating my burger  because it was too salty. Ugh!!! Not fun!!!

I  started to take the progesterone a couple night ago. I think so far so good. Hopefully my levels are going up and everything is well with the baby. I am praying everyday and going to church every Sunday. This bean will turn into a beautiful human being that will do great things in our world! Thinking about that makes these symptoms very manageable.



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