Saturday, July 3, 2010

It is official!

Mike wanted the official word from the doctor that we were pregnant. He couldn't convince himself that a pee stick is pretty accurate. I took another test on Saturday after we found on Thursday that we were preggo. I showed him Saturday's test saying preggo, but he said he is waiting to hear from the doctor. He needs to hear from the well studied medical team. ha!

So we got the official news today, June 21st, from the blood work from the doctor's office! That we are expecting! I will go in tomorrow morning for more blood work to see where my current levels are. So exciting!!!! Words can not express how I am feeling. Finally we will be parents!! Bentley, Maverick & Lucy are excited to meet their new sibling!

Since we got the official news I decided to tell my sister Kathy. She had told me a few weeks prior when we were in San Antonio for Kasey's graduation. That she wanted to know as soon as I peed on the stick. I figured the blood test would be just as good.

I texted Kathy at work after I got the official phone call from the doctor. Here is the series of the text conversation.

Me: Can I call you after work today? I want to know how your trip went
Kathy: We r still gone till Sunday then to TAMU Monday
Me: Oh fun!
Me: Do you get photos through text?
Kathy: Yes, when I have service. We r in town right now.
Me: K I will send it now
Kathy: ?
Kathy: Colorado is awesome. I don't want to come home.
Me: Hope you can see it. It's kind of blurry
Kathy: Sent?
Me: Yes, I just sent it
Me: Did you get it?
Kathy: No
Me: I emailed to you too. Grr don't know why it is taking so long.
Me: Still nothing?
Kathy: ING
Kathy: Yeahhhhhh
Kathy: OMG
Me: Did you see the pic is that why are saying OMG?
Kathy: Yessssssss

She then called me screaming with joy and the kids were all excited that they will have a new baby cousin!! I had to tell them though it was a secret and not put anything on facebook. It was awesome! I wish we could have told them in person, but this was still great!



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