Sunday, July 4, 2010

Week 6: How I feel

Multi-personalities now???
Week 6 and Week 5 feel no different to me. Except my mood swings have been really bad. Poor Mike is such a trooper for dealing with my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities with this pregnancy. Also, my chest is getting a little bigger. Mainly my left boob, which is bigger than my right already! I hope those things balance out. I don't want them all lobsided. Not very pretty to look at when trying on a pretty bra.

I have noticed that I get HUGE headaches when I am around people who are smoking. It is just nauseating. BLAH! People don't you know that stuff kills you!!??!!

No to stretchmarks!! They are EVIL!
Now every morning and evening I am slathering my belly, chest and butt with Palmer's Cocoa Butter (Preggo version) and some cocoa butter from Bath and Body Works. I REFUSE to get stretch marks! I don't mind the butt and chest, but the belly NO WAY!! My mom has them really bad and I know how much she hated them. So I am working very hard to prevent them from happening.

Starting this week I will be taking a week by week of my belly.

Here is WEEK 6
(taken exactly on 6 weeks)!!
Nothing just yet, but Mike thinks there is. 
Hope next week I will see a definite bump!



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