Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maternity Session!

We had our maternity session taken when I was 36 weeks. I wanted to get my belly as big as possible to take these pictures. I didn't want the typical studio maternity session showing off bare belly. I wanted something that looked like a piece of art that we can hang around the house. Plus I was super self conscious of showing my bare belly. I just did not like showing off the line that was going down the middle of my belly. So I told my awesome wedding photographer, Montage Photographers, my vision on what I was looking for and he totally delivered!!

The weather was not very ideal. There wasn't any sun light and mainly it just very cloudy. Luckily there was no rain. Thank goodness! I really want to take pictures in an open field. We found a development behind Old Town Spring. There were some gorgeous houses back there, but there were also alot of open fields that we took advantage of.

I have to say this maternity session was a major work out for me. Climbing up sand hills and over overgrown brush was so much work. I was so sore and worn out, but it was totally worth it!! Here are some pictures from my photographers blog. The rest of the session you can see here!!

I had to get at least one picture with our furbabies.
This love seat is an antique. It was my great great grandfather's. I believe this was made in the mid 1800's

Monday, February 7, 2011

37 weeks: How I feel

Wow.....this week felt like it would never come! I can't believ I am FULL TERM!! Absolutely amazing!! It feels great to know that if he was born that he can function with out any help! Such an awesome milestone!

Dilation & Effacement at Check Up!
Went to the doctor this week. I was very nervous beacuse this was going to be my 1st internal exam to check for dilation. It really wasn't too bad at all. Dr. Young said I am really good shape and was 2 cm dilated & 80% effaced! I could not believe it!!! Wow...already. I really thought he was going to stay and sealed shut and nothing was going on. I was floored. He could be here any time!

We also had an ultra sound to see how much our precious boy was going to weigh. He is 6 lbs 2 oz. according to the ultra sound. It was weird to see this particular ultra sound because usually you can see the whole body, but we can only see parts because he is so big now. It was amazing to see a large view of his heart, ribs & head. And yes he is still a boy!! :-)

Hips Hurting...No Such Thing As Good Sleep!
Seriously this head line says it all. There is NO such thing as good sleep anymore. I wake up literally every 5 minutes because the weight of my body is hurting my hips or side that I am trying to sleep on. So I have to turn my body and of course that is a huge task. I try to position my body certain ways...fetal position, crouching, stretching one leg, etc. It might work for a split second, but then I start to feel the pain again. Ugh...I can't wait to get my body back and I can sleep on my stomach!

Bags Are Packed!
Baby's bag pack...CHECK! My bag 99% packed....CHECK! Everything is just waiting in the room ready to take to the hospital! Hopefully it will be soon!!!

Another Check Up
Tuesday before I hit 38 weeks my doctor checked me and I had progressed from 2 cm to 3 cm still 80% effaced!! He is almost here!!

37 weeks...FULL TERM!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 36: How I Feel

Whoa Weight Gain!
I started this week to go to the doctor once a week until the baby arrives. Just in one week time frame I gained 3 lbs!! I was in shock when I looked on the scale because during my 2nd trimester I think I only gained 5-7 lbs during the whole thing and now just in one week I gained 3! It's not like I am eating any differently. I guess this baby is gaining most of this weight, which is very very good!

No Group B Strep!
The week before I had to get tested for Group B Strep. This test kind of caught me off guard. The nurse did her typical routine of weighing me, checking my blood pressure and asking if everything was okay. However, this time she says, "here you go." While handing me a paper sheet. She was letting me know that the doctor was going to have to get a sample to check for Group B Strep. I looked at Mike and he started to laugh. Because he knew if the doctor was to check me that I like to make sure I at least shave my legs! And I didn't prepare for that at all. Luckily I just got my toes done a few days prior so it wasn't too bad. Thank goodness! The test did hurt a little. Without any warning the little q-tip was shoved in me. Very uncomfortable. I thought he was going to open me up like a regular exam....NOPE I was wrong! Oh well...anyways my tests came back negative so no extra antibiotics for me during labor!  :-)

Shooting Pain in Thigh!
This pain all started this past weekend. Right where my upper thigh and groin meet. I've been having periodically off and on shooting pains in that location. Some are more painful then others. Seems like they are occuring mostly in the evening. So I am thinking it's just my body telling me I have been doing too much during the day so I need to slow down. The pain was getting worse so then of course I had to use the trusty "google" search too see what is going on. I read...not sure if its' true....that the baby is moving further down to the pelvis which is causing this twinge of pain. I will ask the doctor tomorrow if I should be worried, but from I read it is pretty normal. But man does it hurt! I can't walk when this shooting pain occurs!


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