Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week 35: How I Feel

God's Random Messenger
I was at the Kroger's sushi bar browsing through the sushi items seeing what I could eat and not eat. I was totally in my own world debating between the rock and roll and the shaggy dog. Then all of a sudden I felt this presence behind me start talking to me. I thought it was someone I knew at work sneaking up behind me to tell me hello, but too my surprise it was a priest with crazy hair. He says to me "Your are the most beautiful in this form in God's eyes." Then he hands me a pink rose and walks away. I said, "Thank you" and just stood there for a moment and turned back around and the priest was no where to be found. As I proceeded to check out of the Kroger I kept repeating what the priest had said to me and he was right. I know God felt this way. I started thinking deeper into the situation of what just happened and it hit me. This was God's way of telling me to stop complaining about what I am going through because I had been complaing alot about how uncomfortable I was. It was his way of telling me I need to enjoy my last few weeks of my 1st pregnancy. It was definetly a wake up call. Sooooo......

I will enjoy the last few weeks I have...I only have this experience once of my first pregnancy. :-)

Back To School!
Mike and I hit it hard with the classes this week. We took a breastfeeding, infant care & infant cpr class. All of them were great! The one that freaked me out the most was the breastfeeding class. I am trying to tell myself I can do this. I hear it is really realy a hard & frustrating process, but then when you do nurse it is the best thing ever. That's what I keep telling myself "the best thing ever," but I am still really freaked out about it. Mike tells me I worry too much, but I can't help to think that a living breathing human being is depending on me producing noursihment out of my body to keep it alive. Such a big deal! What a responsibility! I guess I will just have to take 1 day or feeding at a time. ;-)

The other two classes were great. Alot of it was repeated from the child birthing class we took in a month prior. However, some parts were a little bit more detailed and we learned how to swaddle. The CPR class was great. I am really glad we took that. I hope I never have to be in a situation that we need to use CPR because that is very very scary I would literally freak out, but it is really good that we know just encase we need too.

Nursey Progress
Mike has been working hard on the nursery this week. He is officially done with ALL the furniture, which looks fantastic by the way. He is now painting the nursery. I was little disappointed that my original gray accent wall wasn't dark enough, but Mike of course the genius that he is added some color to it and made my darker accent gray color. I can't wait till it is all done!! Then it will be the floors and then move everything in!!! WOO HOO!!

Me at 35 weeks....getting rather large!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Week 34: How I feel

Yes...I am feeling miserable. I am ready for my body to be back to normal, which I know it probably won't be after the baby. At least I won't have a hard belly, which for me is the miserable part. I love sleeping on my stomach and I just can't anymore. BOO! This misery I know is worth it when I finally get to hold him in my arms. I can't wait!! Only one more month!!

Getting The Last Bit Of Stuff
I went this weekend to get the last bit of stuff that I thought we might need for him the 1st month. I am not quite done yet. I still need to get a couple more things, but I got the good chunk of what we need. It amazing of how much stuff one baby needs. Nuts! My goal is to get it all done by next week....we shall see.

Waddle Waddle Waddle....
I think I've had the waddle for a while now, but now it is just ridiculous!! I look like a duck waddling down its' path.The waddle is much worse when I am rushing to the bathroom. I guess mentally I feel like it helps me from peeing on myself. ha ha! Mike laughs at the waddle, but he said I always had one. It is just funnier since I have a belly and the waddle going on at the same time. :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Week 33: How I Feel

Swollen Ankles
I don't know if it was because I was on my feet more this particular week with all the shopping. But my feet were so swollen by the end of the day. I did see my typical boney ankle sticking out. It was weird to see. Luckily all the swelling goes down by the next morning. It is just an occasional occurence thank goodness!

Braxton Hicks Contraction
I actually was getting these contractions earlier than this week, but this week they are occurring much more often. They don't hurt. However, they are starting to be at the point of being really really uncomfortable. I get at least 1 or 2 every hour. I know it is my body preparing for this baby, but MAN talk about preparation. Not fun!

Not A Jab, But A Knee!
When we went to the doctor this week. I was telling him I wasn't sure what was this boney thing on my left side. I was thinking it was an arm just punching me constantly. My doctor felt around and showed us each part was. The right side of my belly was his butt and back. His head was facing down and that little knobby thing is more than likely a knee! I didn't even think about a knee. I was thinking it would be much bigger, but I guess not. He is so tiny. So his knee and not his arm has permanently been implanted on my side. LOL. I love him.

Bassinet Training...Furbabies
My sister in law, Kim, let us borrow the bassinet that was used for all of the nieces and nephews. I pulled it out this week and put it on my side of the bed. Since I will be the one more than likely get up in the middle of the night to take care of the baby. I pulled it out early to start training the dogs not to be rough around the bassinet and not be crazy in the morning like they typically do. Because the first thing in the morning around the time I am suppose to wake up the dogs get up on my side and try to wake me up if I am not up. Then when I up they are going nuts. So I was pretty afraid what they would  be like with the bassinet. The first day was pretty rough exactly what I expected. Then after that it got so much better. When I say NO all of them back up and give me room and don't really touch the bassinet. I hope this continues when there is a little one in there. They are doing really good. So proud of my furbabies!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"What's It Going To Bee?" Baby Shower/Gender Reveal!

We had our baby shower this past weekend! And it was MARVELOUS!!! I could have never ever dreamed of anything better! It was just PERFECT!! My hostesses: Becca, Misti, Wendy & Kim did an incredible job. Every little detail they put in came all together beautifully!

Now for the back story on why we went with a bee theme and doing the gender reveal (original post about finding out what we were having). At 14 weeks I had to go in and get a detailed ultra sound. When we were there the ultrasound knew right away the gender of our baby. Mike and I at that point (well really Mike) were not going to find out the gender of the baby. So when the tech asked us Mike immediately yelled NO and I blurted YES! Mike was not a happy camper. I was begging him for us to find out. He kept saying no no no. So the tech did not tell us in the room or printed a ultrasound anywhere near where you can tell what the gender was. When the tech left I was telling Mike we could keep the gender a secret between us an no one else. He still was not wanting us to know. I was upset, but I knew why he had said no. So I was mentally ready to leave the doctor's office with out knowing. I gave it a shot of trying to convince him. As we were walking out the room Mike told the tech, "Just tell her." The tech was shocked, "Are you sure?" and I said the same. So she told us right then. I was in shock! Mike was still not happy just because we found out. He needed some time to digest what happened. I basically ruined his dream to hear what our child was for the first time at birth. I felt really bad, but I really wanted to know. Eventually he came around and was very excited.

After that I was still unsure of the gender since we found out so early. I wanted absolute confirmation at 20 weeks. So I wasn't running off buying gender relate items. Mike and I decided since I ruined his surprise that we would keep the gender a secret a between us for a while. So we could enjoy that moment of knowing between us. Then an idea popped into my head (of course). What if we revealed the gender at the baby shower. Then it would give us time to return anything that people had purchased for us that was gender related. Plus it would be so much fun to reveal the gender in front of friends and family.

It was tough keeping the secret for 20 weeks (5 months). People kept trying to trick us, but we stood our ground and didn't give in. Whenever we talked about the baby we say "it" or "baby" we never slipped about the gender. We only talked about him/her between us. It was fun seeing people trying to guess what the baby was. When people say..."Oh I think it is a..." Mike would always ask them their philospohy and wives tale of why they thought it was a boy or girl. It was interesting to hear. Most people were basing on how I was carrying the baby.

Some people didn't like our decision of keeping a secret. We would always hear,"Well how will you be able to decorate the nursery?" or "How am I suppose to buy you a gift if I don't know?" It was always "How are you going to do this & that by not telling anyone..." Number One I already wanted a gender neutral nursery: gray, white, yellow & black. Number Two I registered for everything gender neutral so mainly white, which was totally fine! Number Three we will manage. When Mike and I were babies they couldn't find out the gender anyways and they managed. It is just a little harder now since most people find out and everything is gender related.

For the baby shower we went with the theme "What's It Going To Bee?" everything was bumble bee theme, black and yellow. Our plans was to reveal the gender by having our baker dye the inside of the cake the color of what the gender was (blue/pink). Then Mike and I will cut the cake to reveal what we were having! The girls who hostessed the shower took this vision I had and just made it a dream come true!!

Prior to the cake cutting. We had the room split. Whoever thought we were having a boy on one side and girl on the other. When then proceeded to cut the cake. Of course Mike had to tease everyone a little. Well we finally cut the cake and it is a.......scroll down to find out!!

So beautiful...and the little bees were delicious cake balls!! YUM!

The cake that would reveal it all!!
Diaper Bee!! So creative!!

Me and my sister!
Me with my AWESOME hostesses!!!
Mother in Law, Me, Grandmother in Law!!

About to cut the cake!! Teasing everyone!!
Yes!!! It's a BOY!!
 A huge roar of cheers and smiles filled the house.
Everyone was sooo excited!!
The best reaction ever! She was jumping up and down like she won the lottery!!
The Proof!
The onesie project! Such a cool idea!
These turned out awesome!
Sooooo many gifts! We were so blessed!
 I got real emotional after the last gift from the hostesses!
I was overwhelmed with joy and love through out the day
I just broke down. We are sooo blessed!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Week 32: How I feel

...the uncomfortable hugeness!! The past week has to be the most uncomfortable I have ever felt through out this whole pregnancy. The size of my belly has been really taking a toll on me. It is really difficult for me to maneuver around. I have a permanent waddle. Literally! I can't stand to long because I get out of breathe. I can't even sit too long because the extra weight makes my lower half numb. It's one after the other. I know it will only get worse the next 7 weeks. I am praying I can get through this.

Little Hiccups
I had felt little hiccups of the Martin baby earlier in the pregnancy, but this week it has been occuring much more often. It's kind of really cute to know that my baby has the hiccups in my belly. Mike says he feels bad for the little one because having the hiccups period is just miserable. I would have to agree with him, but still so freaking cute at the same time.

A Permanent Jab on My Left Side
On top of the uncomfortable hugeness it doesn't help that the baby has permanently jammed its' elbow into my left side. Extrememly uncomfortable. Especially when I am going to sleep at night. I can only sleep on my side now and when I do the baby must not like it because it is whaling on me. I wake up several times a night just for the baby jabbing or kicking me. I know this will all stop soon once there is no room at all for the little one to move. It's nuts how active this little thing is!

New Years 2010!
We celebrated our last New Years of just us at Mike's brothers house. It was alot of fun. I positioned myself infront of the food table and just chowed down. That was the only thing keeping me up. I was sleeeepy. Didn't think I would make it to midnight. Mike was nice enough to buy me non alcholoic champagne so I can participate and enjoy the fesitivies when the clock struck midnight. I couldn't believe we are now in 2011 the year that things will change our lives forever. I am really really looking forward to it!! It will be a great year!

Me at 32 weeks! I feel HUGE and about to burst!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Week 31: How I feel

Where Are My Feet?
I was in the shower one day this week and looked down to look at my toes. I just noticed then that I can't see my feet anymore unless I really reach my neck out or point out my toes. Wow...never thought that day would really come, but it has. It is actually pretty funny. Well I am going to continue to get my pedicures because Mike still looks at them even though I can't seem them. Ha! :-)

Counting Kicks!!
I went to the doctor this week and he asked me to start to count the baby's kicks. I should be getting at least 10 movements in 2 hours. If not give him a call. Luckily this baby must be a dancer or an athlete because it moves at least 10 times in less than 10 minutes. I guess that's a good thing. I know movement will start to slow down soon, but man this little booger just want to let its' mommy know its' doing REALLY well.
We celebrated Christmas this week! I received my first gift on Christmas Eve from Mike! A gate opener!!! The gift that just keeps on giving. It is awesome and so convenient! Christmas Eve we spent with Mike's family until the late wee hours of the night. We always have a great time. This year we played the "Holiday Minute To Win It" games. It was so much fun!! Can't wait to do again next year. All the kids unwrapped their presents and played with them all night. Such a loving home that night. Then we went home at unwrapped our gifts to each other. It is a very special Christmas since it would be our last with just the two of us. Can't wait to celebrate our little Martin baby's 1st Christmas next year!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week 30: How I feel

Emotional Roller Coaster....AGAIN about extreme roller coaster of emotions again. One day I am completly in a great mood. Full of smiles and laughter. Then the next thing you know I am angry angry and more angry. Then I am bawling crying. It would be nice to stick with just one. Feels like I have multiple personalities. Mike is such a great support in all this. I would totally snap at him if he acted the way I was. I am so lucky to have him.

"OMG....You Are About To Pop!"
This week I was trying to finish all of my Christmas shopping. Most of the time when I am shopping people are very nice cordial of my bump. Asking when I was due and how cute I looked. Most of the time people couldn't tell I was pregnant until I moved the items I was holding away from my belly. They are always in completle shock. However, I was at Charming Charlies walking around and all of sudden I hear a girl that works there go to me, "OMG, You are about to POP!!!" I was I am not. I am only 7 months. Think what you want. I am not HUGE. I am considered pretty small. Oh well. I thought it was just funny she was making such a big deal.

Oh The Knees
I guess the weight gain around the mid section is getting to my knees. My knees hurt so bad now. I can't be on my feet to long with out my knees just aching. I want to take a Tylenol, but I am really trying to restrain from doing that. I have gone so long from taking any meds I want to go as long as possible. If I can handle the pain then I will. Maybe I need to get better foot support. A great excuse for me to go shoe shopping!! :-)

Me at 30 weeks and 4 days
I hate the line down my belly. So ugly!


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