Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week 25 & 26

We are MOVING!!!
This was the most stressful week I've had in a very long time! We closed on our very first home that we built on May 29th. We were planning on moving on that weekend. Originally we were just going to slowly move ourselves into the new house, but if we are going to move I just wanted to get it done.When you start packing your home you think you don't have much then quickly realize you do. Oh boy this was tough.

Packing did a number on my back. I had really bad lower back pains every day this week. It was really hard to manage. I refused to take meds though. I just put a heating pad on my back when I was at work. I was exceptionally emotional these two weeks. One I felt like I had no control and two we were leaving the home are first born came home too. This was his home. He took his first steps, rode his bike, had his first Christmas and New Years. Even though we were not in the best house it was our home. Our son loved it. I was a wreck.

So these two weeks were pretty painful for me. Swollen feet, aching back, lack of sleep, emotional wreck, etc. It will hopefully the only most stressful time of my pregnancy. Let's hope.

I have been really bad about taking bump pics. This was taken the day we started to move.

Week 23 & 24

Week 23....Oh my  belly!!
This week I've had major belly aches. I guess my spicy food craving was a little much on the little guy. For 4 days. I was not feeling all that great. Didn't help that he was super active while my belly was aching. Eventually all the spicy food was out of my system. Everything was back to normal.

This week little Martin #2 has been super active. He is really really low. He is very active in the later afternoon and early evening. He now wakes me up in the middle of night.

My Braxton Hicks are more often now, but not too bad. I do go to the potty once or twice in the middle of the night. I noticed it is about about every 3-4 hours I have to go. Almost like feeding a newborn. ha!

Week 24...Glucose Test. Yuck!
We went in to see Dr. Young this week and do my glucose test. I got to try the "fruit punch" flavor this time. It wasn't as bad as the orange. I actually prefer the fruit punch better. We got to hear the strong heartbeat of the baby.

Dr. Young said next time we would do ultrasound to check out growth and such. Then after that it will be every 2 weeks. It is crazy how this pregnancy has just flew by. I feel it is much faster than I when was pregnant with Jett. I guess having a toddler already keeps you busy and you loose track of time.

We went to a restaurant the other day and Jett saw a small baby. He screamed in excitement and pointed, "Baby!" That got me excited to see him so happy too see little baby. I am so concerned he will be jealous of the new baby. Him reacting like that reassured me a little bit.

Weeks 21 & 22

21 weeks: Oops Totally forgot....
To write about this particular week. Now I don't remember anything about that week. Gotta go love pregnancy brain.

The only thing I do remember is that I went shopping for some more maternity clothes. All of my tops are too short. I am constantly have to tug them at the bottom so they don't ride up and expose my bare belly. I went to Kohl's and Motherhood Maternity. I got some cute stuff on sale at Motherhood. Things I know I could wear post pregnancy. They are flowy and would probably be great to wear with tights in the fall.

22 weeks: Olives & Mother's day!
My new craving, OLIVES!!!! Last week Mike got me some olives and I inhaled them. I went to the store a few days later and bought a jar. I ate probably half of the jar while I was at work. I ran out of nutella and I got bored. The next thing I knew 1/2 the jar was gone. I feel like a PIG!

I definitely been experiencing mood swings. I get frustrated fairly easily lately and get my feelings hurt. I am just a ball of emotions. I think alot has to do with the fact we are about to close on our new home soon and I am overwhelmed with all the paper work you have to get ready. And on top of that work, cook, clean, pack, etc. Luckily Mike has been awesome and has been helping quite a bit.

The baby has slowed down on his kicks some. He is mainly active in the morning and in the evening. Every now and then I am pushing on my belly to see if he will move. A few minutes later I will get a kick. Probably telling me to leave him alone.

Mother's Day was this weekend. This would be my last Mother's Day as a family of 3. Bittersweet. I received my Mother's Day gift early from Jett and Mike on Saturday. They couldn't wait 1 more day.

Mike had taken photos of Jett when I was out that week. They are sooo awesome!! He then had Jett paint the matte of the picture frame. I am absolutely IN LOVE! The best mother's day gift! I can't stop staring at these photos. They even gave me a frame that I could hang at work. Here is the link of my Mother's Day gift post.

Me and my guy on Mother's Day

Week 19 & 20: Still a BOY!!

Week 19: Alien Movement
It was a pretty hectic week this week for us. Our house has been really coming along so we have been going there alot more. So going back and forth from our house to the new house has been fun, but exhausting.

The week I noticed that I am already getting Braxton Hicks contractions. Pretty crazy that those are already coming. Maybe I had them early with J too, but just didn't know what they were. Now you can actually see my belly move.

Mike put his hand on my belly this week and felt the baby move for the first time. He giggled like a little school girl. I love it because he was so giddy. It's pretty crazy to see my belly jump and shifting from one side to the other. It is so cool. I really can't wait for Jett to see and feel his baby brother.

The highlight of my day is after Jett's bath. He likes to put lotion on himself before we put his PJ's on. He rubs his belly then he wants to rub the baby. So I let him put lotion on my belly. He gets a kick out of doing it.

Week 20: Yup...It's a boy still
We went to the doctor for my 20 week appointment and ultrasound. First thing that showed up was his manhood. Dr. Young goes,  "Yup, he is still a boy. Here's a zoom in picture for dad to take to the office." Mike was very proud needless to say. Martin #2 was super active. Bouncing all over the place. We saw his long skinny legs. The coolest part was seeing his actual nose and upper lip. Usually you don't see things that clearly on a 2D ultrasound. His nose looked just like Jett's. It was amazing.

I've noticed this week the baby is very active in the morning and in the evening. Also, that he is very low. Most of the movement I feel down below.

This week I have been extra tired. I've been trying to pack little by little for a move coming soon. It is just so exhausting at almost 5 months pregnant. My cravings have simmered down some. I don't eat as many pickles, but I sure do enjoy myself a jar of nutella. :)


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