Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 36: How I Feel

Whoa Weight Gain!
I started this week to go to the doctor once a week until the baby arrives. Just in one week time frame I gained 3 lbs!! I was in shock when I looked on the scale because during my 2nd trimester I think I only gained 5-7 lbs during the whole thing and now just in one week I gained 3! It's not like I am eating any differently. I guess this baby is gaining most of this weight, which is very very good!

No Group B Strep!
The week before I had to get tested for Group B Strep. This test kind of caught me off guard. The nurse did her typical routine of weighing me, checking my blood pressure and asking if everything was okay. However, this time she says, "here you go." While handing me a paper sheet. She was letting me know that the doctor was going to have to get a sample to check for Group B Strep. I looked at Mike and he started to laugh. Because he knew if the doctor was to check me that I like to make sure I at least shave my legs! And I didn't prepare for that at all. Luckily I just got my toes done a few days prior so it wasn't too bad. Thank goodness! The test did hurt a little. Without any warning the little q-tip was shoved in me. Very uncomfortable. I thought he was going to open me up like a regular exam....NOPE I was wrong! Oh well...anyways my tests came back negative so no extra antibiotics for me during labor!  :-)

Shooting Pain in Thigh!
This pain all started this past weekend. Right where my upper thigh and groin meet. I've been having periodically off and on shooting pains in that location. Some are more painful then others. Seems like they are occuring mostly in the evening. So I am thinking it's just my body telling me I have been doing too much during the day so I need to slow down. The pain was getting worse so then of course I had to use the trusty "google" search too see what is going on. I read...not sure if its' true....that the baby is moving further down to the pelvis which is causing this twinge of pain. I will ask the doctor tomorrow if I should be worried, but from I read it is pretty normal. But man does it hurt! I can't walk when this shooting pain occurs!



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