Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 9: How I feel

9 weeks have already! Amazing how fast time is flying. Things have definitely changed some during this week, but also keeping the same symptoms.

Sensory overload!!!
It feels like my sense of smell has heighten to it's peak! Everything just hurts my head. I feel like a dog sniffing around trying to figure our where the strong smell is coming from. It drives me crazy! Most of the time it is perfume or cologne that really hits me. That stuff I can't do anything about especially if I am in a meeting or in a car with someone. I want to puke, but I have to hold it in. So nauseating.

My other sense of taste has really changed this week. On Friday we had some sushi because I was craving it ALL week. I was dreaming about the yummy roll I was going to put into my mouth. We finally get the roll I eat it. Then had to spit it out!! It was the most salty and disgusting thing EVER!! So not the same! I thought it was the actual sushi (cooked), but Mike said it was me because everything was fine. Ugh! I guess I can't enjoy sushi for the next 6 months! Boo!! What I really want is just a sliver of sushi salmon. Doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. Maybe after the baby is born I can get a delivery of sushi as soon as I push "Baby Martin" out! ha!

With my sense of taste changing. Nothing is really appetizing anymore. I am not craving anything and I really don't want to eat anything. Since now every time I eat it upsets my stomach or just doesn't taste right. And now after I eat my stomach just blows up because of the bloat! So annoying! I hope this all changes in the 2nd trimester.

Same ole Same ole
Still really tired and going to the restroom quite often. My trips to the restroom are more frequent now then ever. I think I have to go to the restroom at least once an hour or more!

I know most of my posts are negative about all my symptoms because they are just not fun in the 1st trimester. However, I am really excited to say my pants are starting to get tighter because my belly is starting to grow. Meaning baby is getting bigger and I will have a bump soon!

I have been really slacking at taking my weekly photos. I think I will do what I saw another girl do online is take photos every 4 weeks. So I will have a photo for sure at my 10 week mark! I can compare 6 weeks and 10 weeks! Hopefully we will see a difference!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week 8: How I feel!

This week was bit of a drag. I was extremly fatigue and very bloated. Everyday I came home from work I was soooo tired I was falling asleep when I was eating. Poor Mike hasn't really seen his wife the whole week.

Busy Busy=Tired Liz
It was even tougher with all the activities going on this past weekend. Mike's family had come into town so we went to karoke on Friday night. Saturday was the family reunion and right before that I had to take Bentley to get some shots. Then Sunday after church I went shopping with Becca & Jada for her birthday. I was exhausted! Then that night Mike wanted to go to the movies. So I was pretty grumpy because I didn't get much sleep that weekend like I usually do. So I decided to take a day off on Monday. Best thing I did! I slept an additional 4 hours!!! It was awesome!!

Too many potty breaks!
Symptoms are mostly all the same. Except going to the restroom in the middle of the night has greatly increased. I go to the restroom like 5 times in the evening. Before it was about 2 times per night. It is so much now I barely get any sleep. I don't think this will change only get worse. So I guess I need to go to bed earlier.

I am such a bad mommy already. I didn't even take a picture at 8 weeks because I was exhausted. I am sure nothing really has changed belly wise in a week. My chest has gotten bigger, but that's it! I will have a pic of 9 weeks next week. In the mean time I am going to post a picture of what are baby might look like at 8 weeks in my belly. The images are amazing from

Monday, July 19, 2010

Whoa what a dream!!

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I was pregnant and that my boss, Heinrich's wife was also pregnant. In my dream she was just a couple of weeks ahead of me and was complaining to me that she was having bad morning sickness.

The day we had an ultrasound. Heinrich had come over to my area and was talking to Misti and I. Right then I just mentioned my dream to him because it was so odd that I had a dream with his wife in it. Right then his face totally changed and asked me if I had ESP or any special Korean powers he didn't know about. I was so surprised to hear his response. I wasn't telling him about the dream because I knew there was some truth to it. So based on his reaction I asked, "Is your wife pregnant?" He didn't answer. He continued to ask me about my special magical powers. I asked again, "Is your wife pregnant?" Then he finally admitted that she was 11 weeks pregnant and that they were having a girl with the help of IVF.

I was stunned!! Didn't know my dream had ANY truth to it at all! Soooo freaky! So they I decieded since we were on common ground that I would break the news about our new addition right then. I then asked him when they were due. He said sometime in January. I said, "Really? Our kids will be really close in age. Since I am pregnant too!" He was sooooo surprised and gave me a hug.

It was such a perfect way to break the news to him. I feel so much better now that he knows. It was killing that he didn't know and I couldn't freely talk about it at work.

1st ultrasound!! We have a bean!

Thursday, July 15th is the day we FINALLY got to see our baby!!

We had an early 8 AM appointment for an ultrasound and first visit with my ob/gyn. We first went into the ultra sound room. It was so awesome to finally to be in that room because we were pregnant and not because I had some woman issues they had to check out.

I laid down and there was a small screen for me to see. Mike sat near the ultrasound tech and watched off her screen. She used the ultrasound device and immediately we saw our little bean!! What a sense of relief. We saw the little heart beat just go, which was so cool to see. Then she turned on the sound so we can hear the baby's heart beat. THAT was the MOST amazing thing I have ever heard. A little heart beat in my body that wasn't mine. So so AWESOME!! All I can do it SMILE and kept repeating how awesome it was. The u/s tech then told us the heartbeat was 160 which was very very good. So far a strong baby!

She took some measurements of the baby, which by the way is only 1. No twins for us this time around! Tee hee! She checked out my ovaries to see everything was okay. She said it looked like I ovulated from my left ovary and everything looked wonderful in there. I was right on track 8 weeks, 1 day. Due February 23, 2011!!

The funny part was that my u/s tech was pregnant to and her due date was only 2 days after mine! Nuts! I was so happy for too!!

The overall experience was just amazing and indescribable on how I felt. I did feel a great sense of relief that the baby was okay. I can not wait too see the progression of the baby for our next u/s, which will be at 13 weeks at the end of my 1st trimester. The baby won't be a little bean anymore. It will actually have fingers, toes and no tail!!

Our little bean!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 7: How I feel

So this is how it be preggo!
Now everyday I feel more and more confident about our pregnancy. Week 7 there wasn't any major things that made me feel any different except for being a little bit nausea. Whenever my stomach was bare empty that's when the nausea would kick in. Thank goodness I have not thrown up. I hate throwing so I am so blessed that hasn't happened yet (knock on wood).

One other thing that has really stood out is the bloating. After I eat now my belly becomes just HUGE!! Like I am 5 months pregnant. I have to now unbutton my pants/shorts to finish my meals now because my tummy sticks so far out.

I still feel fatigue & sore chest, which was nothing different from the previous 2 weeks.

Things I really crave sushi, mainly salmon. I had a little fix on Friday. I had a cooked roll (dragon roll), which had eel, avocado and cucumber. It really hit the spot! Another thing I crave tuna sandwich. I know I can eat it, but I want to prepare it myself. I have just been to lazy too.

Here is my Week 7 picture. No really difference at all just a little bloating in these.

Week 7

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Annoucement SUCCESS!!!

We picked up my mom and step dad at the airport on Saturday afternoon. I was so excited too see them. The last time we saw them was at our wedding 11 months prior. So it was really great to see them. I was even more excited to break the news to them about our new bundle of joy. On our way to drop them off at their hotel for check in. My mom asked me several questions about my recent doctor's visit and if I started taking the Clomid again. I told her I was taking my medicine. She was telling me she wished she would have bought the Chinese herbal medicine. It would really help also doing a lot of walking. In my head I was just giggling that what she doesn't know I don't need ANY of that stuff! ha!

We picked them up for dinner at Pappasito's with Mike's family. My mom noticed the 2 gift bags I had in the truck. She asks me, "What is that?" I said they were gifts for the parents. I purposely put them in silver gifts bags and tissue paper to think that it was wedding related.

We go to Pappasito's & everyone greeted each other. Then we were seated in the enclosed room. It was nice to be in the room rather in the open dining area. It felt a little bit more intimate. Anywho......we order our drinks, appetizers & dinner. Then I told Kim and Becca that I was about to break the news. They got up and to take pictures and film the reaction. My mom still had no idea what was going on, but asked Becca to take pictures with her camera. I laughed.

I then handed my mom and Jeanette the gift bags. I asked my mom to open the book first. She opens it and goes, "Oh this is nice. Okay." She then reads the first page as she was was trying to enunciate each letter," We're Pregnant."  She said it one more time as she pointed her finger across the phrase, "We're Pregnant." She then finally realized what she was saying and turned to be and says, "YOU'RE PREGNANT??????" I say yes. Then she immediately hugs me and cries. She could not believe it. She was in TOTAL SHOCK! So was my step dad Craig. He said to me, "That medicine worked fast!"

Here beginning to open the gift. Hmmmm...what is it????

Reading what is on the front page. "We're Pregnant."
Finally realizes what was going on. You're WHAT?
Pure happiness. I love this picture! 
Mom and Craig are both so happy!
Loving on their onesies I made.
Grammy and Paw Paw loving theirs!
All 4 grandparents showing off their onesies!
The whole gang! So special that they were there!
Me and my baby daddy!
Us with the 4 grandparents!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

What could it be???

Mike had decided for the both of us that we were not going to find out the gender of the baby. He wanted to delivery to be even more emotional not just having a baby born, but knowing we have brought into this world a little girl or boy. I get that and all......but I need to plan!!

It is very difficult finding gender neutral anything these days because everyone finds out the gender of the baby prior to it being born. So everything is pink and blue. And if it is green or yellow it has animals and looks like a little boy's outfit. It is so different from when Mike and I were born. You never could find out what you were having so everything was gender neutral up to a certain age.

It is really going to be a tough tough 8 months not knowing. While we are waiting for the arrival of our little one.

So at work yesterday they girls (Jeana & Courtney) the "needle and thread" gender test. What you do it you hold out your palm of your hand. Someone with a steady hand hold a string with needle tied to the end of it. Once it is still it will begin moving again over your palm. If it moves in a pendulm motion it is a boy. If it is moves in a circular motion then it is a girl. For me it was first boy, but continue straight into a girl. Typically the needle stops before it goes to the next gender. So the girls suspect that we are having twins! One of each!

Our chances did increase of having multiples because taking the Clomid. I don't think I am based on my HCG levels from last week.

I started to think of the possibility of twins and that would be NUTS!! But at the same time soo much fun. Well I guess we will see next week at our ultrasound! I just pray for a healthy baby or babies!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Annoucement plans begin...

I had emailed Mike's family the week we found out we were preggo that I wanted to have a dinner with them and my parents on Saturday at Pappasitos. I had told them since at the wedding we didn't have time to chat because sooo much was going on this would be the perfect time to get to know each other again. Well since then we told Mike's family the great news because we wanted them to see my Mom's reaction when we tell her.

So I plan on giving both set of parents a gift bag. I will have a mini scrap book of the pregnancy so far. I also made onesies that say I love....

I am saying I am giving them a belated parent's gift and will hand them the bags. I can't wait to see my mom's reaction she is going to be ecstatic!

Here are the onesies!

The Furbabies also wanted to be part of the action. So I made them so bandanas!!
For the 2 handsome boys
For my precious Lucy!
Aren't they just adorable in them!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Week 6: How I feel

Multi-personalities now???
Week 6 and Week 5 feel no different to me. Except my mood swings have been really bad. Poor Mike is such a trooper for dealing with my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personalities with this pregnancy. Also, my chest is getting a little bigger. Mainly my left boob, which is bigger than my right already! I hope those things balance out. I don't want them all lobsided. Not very pretty to look at when trying on a pretty bra.

I have noticed that I get HUGE headaches when I am around people who are smoking. It is just nauseating. BLAH! People don't you know that stuff kills you!!??!!

No to stretchmarks!! They are EVIL!
Now every morning and evening I am slathering my belly, chest and butt with Palmer's Cocoa Butter (Preggo version) and some cocoa butter from Bath and Body Works. I REFUSE to get stretch marks! I don't mind the butt and chest, but the belly NO WAY!! My mom has them really bad and I know how much she hated them. So I am working very hard to prevent them from happening.

Starting this week I will be taking a week by week of my belly.

Here is WEEK 6
(taken exactly on 6 weeks)!!
Nothing just yet, but Mike thinks there is. 
Hope next week I will see a definite bump!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Woo Hoo for awesome lab results!!!

So excited I called the doctor's office today after my bloodwork on Wednesday to see what my results are and to schedule my first appointment!

They said everything looked great! My HCG levels were 4870 and my progesterone levels went from 17 to 31.5 since taking the supplements!!! I am sooooo thrilled with these results!!!

Our first ultrasound is scheduled for July 15th at 8 am. We will finally get to see our little bean!!

Week 5: How I feel....

I am about a little bit over 5 weeks right now. The symptoms of this little baby Martin has kicked in to full gear. My chest feels like it is being pushed to the ground. Not alot of fun. I feel like my chest weighs about a 100 lbs! I have constant mild cramping. I can deal with that because it isn't so bad.

Some of the worst things is the fatigue. Around 1 or 2 in the afternoon I am so tired I need to take a nap. This is the hardest during the week at work because I can not concentrate because I am so tired. I want to wrap myself in a blankie and curl up into a little ball underneath my desk, but unfortunately it would be frowned upon by management. ha!

Another symptom that kicked into gear this week is my heightened senses. Not my hearing (I wish), but my taste and smells. The smell of smoke, beer, spices, and perfume drive me crazy. Mike and I went to Smashburger ordered some of their fries. I had to push the fries over to Mike because the smell was making me sick. BLAH!!! They were good it was just the smell. Then the taste of bacon is not the same. I love bacon! I had it added to my burger and I had to stop eating my burger  because it was too salty. Ugh!!! Not fun!!!

I  started to take the progesterone a couple night ago. I think so far so good. Hopefully my levels are going up and everything is well with the baby. I am praying everyday and going to church every Sunday. This bean will turn into a beautiful human being that will do great things in our world! Thinking about that makes these symptoms very manageable.

Martin Baby Annoucement to the Martin's

June 24th we were on our way to Becca  & Rick's house to celebrate Jada's 12th birthday. Just about everyone from Mike's family was going to be there. On our way to their house Mike goes..."wouldn't it be funny if we told my family tonight then when your mom comes they are in on the secret and just wait to see your mom's reaction? Plus it would be better for you to talk to someone about your concerns. I know it is driving you nuts."  At first I didn't want too, but he was right. I really didn't want to wait another 2 weeks. Another thought was would my mom be mad if I told everyone before her, but then I started to think about it. The reason why I wanted to tell her when she came to Houston mainly was because I wanted to tell her in person. Telling on the phone about your first grand child is just not the best thing. I want to see the reaction and be able to hug my mom and share this great joy.

So Jeanette and Bud were sitting next to each other while Becca and Kim were in the kitchen cooking dinner. Mike asks me if I was ready to break the news. I said well what about Becca and Kim I want them to be in here. He tells me they will come in once they hear mom's reaction. So I walk over while Mike records on his cell phone what Jeanette's reaction would be. I walked over to her with my camera. I ask Jeanette, "Could you look at this and see what this says?" She looks at the picture of the positive pregnancy test saying positive and looks at me with big eyes and asks  Is this yours? I nodded my head yes. The next thing I know I hear the loudest scream and cry. She couldn't believe it! It was unreal the reaction she had. She was completely shocked!

Progesterone Scare

I did some bloodwork yesterday to compare my progesterone levels from last week. I got a call today from my doctor's office that my levels have dropped a little from 21 to 17. So the doctor wanted to put me on progesterone to prevent miscarriage. I will have to take it everynight until the doctor thinks I am good to go. They think I will need to take it for 12 weeks. I pray to the Lord that everything will work out. I already love the little bean in me. I know it will work because it is in God's plan.

It is official!

Mike wanted the official word from the doctor that we were pregnant. He couldn't convince himself that a pee stick is pretty accurate. I took another test on Saturday after we found on Thursday that we were preggo. I showed him Saturday's test saying preggo, but he said he is waiting to hear from the doctor. He needs to hear from the well studied medical team. ha!

So we got the official news today, June 21st, from the blood work from the doctor's office! That we are expecting! I will go in tomorrow morning for more blood work to see where my current levels are. So exciting!!!! Words can not express how I am feeling. Finally we will be parents!! Bentley, Maverick & Lucy are excited to meet their new sibling!

Since we got the official news I decided to tell my sister Kathy. She had told me a few weeks prior when we were in San Antonio for Kasey's graduation. That she wanted to know as soon as I peed on the stick. I figured the blood test would be just as good.

I texted Kathy at work after I got the official phone call from the doctor. Here is the series of the text conversation.

Me: Can I call you after work today? I want to know how your trip went
Kathy: We r still gone till Sunday then to TAMU Monday
Me: Oh fun!
Me: Do you get photos through text?
Kathy: Yes, when I have service. We r in town right now.
Me: K I will send it now
Kathy: ?
Kathy: Colorado is awesome. I don't want to come home.
Me: Hope you can see it. It's kind of blurry
Kathy: Sent?
Me: Yes, I just sent it
Me: Did you get it?
Kathy: No
Me: I emailed to you too. Grr don't know why it is taking so long.
Me: Still nothing?
Kathy: ING
Kathy: Yeahhhhhh
Kathy: OMG
Me: Did you see the pic is that why are saying OMG?
Kathy: Yessssssss

She then called me screaming with joy and the kids were all excited that they will have a new baby cousin!! I had to tell them though it was a secret and not put anything on facebook. It was awesome! I wish we could have told them in person, but this was still great!


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