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Weeks 13 & 14

This go around with this blog I will probably update every 2 weeks. It is a little hard to get away with a very active cutie patootie 2 year old.

Happy 30th Birthday To Me.... 13 weeks!
Winter of 2011 I started to count down the months of when I was going to turn the big 3-0. I knew I wanted to go all out for that big birthday. So that meant I couldn't be pregnant or breast feeding if I really wanted to go alot. Well as you know the story. I took the Clomid got pregnant, but that ended in a failed pregnancy and following another in July.  So it is pretty ironic I was celebrating my 1st trimester around my 30th birthday. Not so how I wanted my birthday to be like. I laugh at myself now. God sure did show me that it was his plan not mine. He showed me good! :-)

Since I was recovering from all the shots. I didn't want to do anything big for my 30th. I just felt like I had the best gift in the world being pregnant and getting through my horrible 1st trimester. It is amazing how things change in 2 short years on what you feel is a good birthday. Anywho.... I was feeling so much better. Not having to do anymore shots. I can walk again. Hold my baby and the thing I missed soo much.....EATING!! I actually lost weight weeks before, but I was sure making up for it. Not purposely, but I was just always hungry.

I began to bleed of and on. Nothing painful and to be worried about. I was told this would happen. It was just annoting. I wished it would stop.

Cravings....pickles again. And Korean food. All I can think of is food of my homeland. HA! One thing I can not stand the smell and the sight of are donuts. Mike would bring me donuts every Tuesday morning and I would have to give them away. I couldn't even just let them sit at my desk. The smell of the donuts just made me so nauseas.

Another smell that bothers me is strong perfume, cologne and hand soap. My nose had turned into a dog's and I could smell those scents for miles! Ewww!

My 30th was unbelievable and memorable thanks to Mike & Jett. I woke up to them singing Happy Birthday with a cinnamon roll with a candle. I had the most GORGEOUS flowers for my birthday. Mike told me I was suppose to go to my restroom because Jett had left me a birthday note. I went in and it was a note from Mike that made me so emotional. I cried. I then looked up there was a beautiful red box. I opened it and they were custom made diamond earrings that were replicas of my engagement ring. STUNNING. I was spoiled!!

Later that night I was surprised by a dinner with family and friends. That weekend Mike and Jett whisked me away to a resort on the lake. I was treated to a day of pampering. It was wonderful. A 30th that I was meant to have.

"The Baby Mommy!" .... 14 weeks!
It is one of the sweetest conversations I've had with Jett...

Me: "Hey, do you know where your baby is?"
Jett: "Right here mommy! The Baby Mommy!" (reaches for my belly and rubs)
Jett: (pulls his shirt and pats his belly)  Baby!!

I love it!! He just knows something is going on there. Not sure what, but he knows my belly has a baby.

This week I am feeling great! No major cravings, but I just eat lots of pickles. At least 1 or 2 a day. Helps settle my stomach if I have a stomach. I also find myself eating another meal right before I go to bed. So sad. I am starving!

Since the blood clot issue was still going on. I wanted to get a doppler if I could find one affordable, which I did. I found one (Jumper Prenatal Heart Listener) with great reviews on It was only $31! So worth it!

As soon as I got it at work. I tried it with out the gel. Of course it didn't work, but when I got home I pulled the gel out and squirted it on my belly. Baby was much lower than I thought, but I could hear a strong heartbeat. It was UHMAZING to hear on my own at home. Since then I have used it a couple more time and Mike listen to it as well. So awesome. Very much worth every penny.

I have been holding off on taking week to week pictures because I didn't want to jinx the pregnancy. Here are finally some from this past weekend. I am 14 weeks, 5 days.

Kisses for the baby <3 td="">
Love this kid!

Baby Martin #2: 1st Trimester....a challenge

I have not done a week to week post or taken any pictures of my bump because I didn't want to jinx the pregnancy. So here is a summary of my 1st trimester with my little bean/now plum.

Here we go again....

I took a cheapo pregnancy test on Sunday, December 31st. There was not even a faint line. I went back and forth through out the day and looked at it. 3 hours later there was a line. I googled and read there were alot of false positive hours after a pregnancy test was taken. So I didn't get my hopes up. The next day I took another and it was flat at positive.

So January 1, 2013 we found we were pregnant for the 4th time. We were excited, but very nervous. In 2012 we had 2 losses. One in February at 8 weeks I had a blighted ovum. The second in July I was suppose to be 10 weeks, but baby measured only 7 weeks. I miscarried during our vacation in Seattle. We were very nervous to even try again.

Deep down I felt like my eggs were just not maturing at all. So I decided to do the same exact things that we did to get pregnant with Jett. I started to take my high quality prescribed pre-natals, I induced my cycle unlike the 2 losses, I started on progesterone suppositories on day 15 of my cycle.

We decided not to tell anyone not even family until we were in the clear. I called my doctor the next day after we found out and they wanted me in for bloodwork. I went in 2 weeks in a row and blood work look good. My progesterone levels of course were really awesome. In the 60s. Dr. Young wanted me to come in 6 weeks much earlier than he usually lets patients come in so he could ease my mind.

6 weeks & First Scare
January 15, 2013. We saw the beautiful heartbeat. It was clear as day. Doctor thought at first that I had ovulated on my right. I was surprised cause I thought I ovulated on my left. He then looked and said I was right I did ovulate on my left. And that maybe there was another baby hidden or I had a cyst on the right side. Next appointment we would be able to see more if there was a hidden sac.

January 17th. I noticed some spotting. I was flipping out. January 18th we went in to the doctor that morning to see what was wrong. Baby was perfect. Still had a heartbeat. However, I had a large blood clot next to the sac. Doctor decided I need to start injections of 200 mg of progesterone twice a day. For the rest of the trimester. Just to be safe. At this point I was only 6 weeks, 3 days along.

My challenging journey started that day. The next 6 weeks I would go through the most challenging thing in my life next to having Jett. The shots were given to me by Mike.The shots itself were not that bad at first. I didn't even feel them. It was the aftermath that was painful. My bottom was extremely sore & swollen. I had large welts. It felt I had a rolling pin in my butt. I couldn't walk, carry Jett, barely sit or stand. It was miserable. I never got a good nights rest because I couldn't get comfortable at all. I did continue to have bleeds every now and then, but nothing alarming or the colors that the doctor said we should be concerned about. I was beginning to get depressed. I couldn't function at all as a wife or a mother. I needed so much help. People at work began asking me what was wrong so I just told them I was on fertility injections and they understood.

8 weeks...Telling the parents
We came back to Dr. Young at 8 weeks to check on baby. Baby still doing great. Didn't hear the heartbeat, but we could see it. Doctor thought I had 2 compartments in my uterus. One with the clot and one with the baby. He said babies don't usually do well with hemorrhages like that. The blood clot was 4 cm big. Almost twice the size of the baby+gestational sac. He said eventually the clot would absorb or bleed out. It probably is there from my last miscarriage. He told us to be cautiously optimistic and take it day by day. We were not getting our hopes, but we knew each appointment was getting better.

The large area to the left is the clot. Dark kidney space on the right gestational sac with baby.

Our little blob
We decided or well I did that I needed to tell our parents. They knew something was wrong with me because I was so pale and sick looking. My mother in law called me practically everyday asking if I was okay and that I needed to go to the doctor. We went to my mother in law's. We had Jett say his prayers. The prayers we have been saying since we found out we were pregnant this time around. He crosses his hands and says, "God Bless Daddy, God Bless Mommy, God Bless Jett, God Bless the Baby, God Bless Bentley, Maverick & Lucy. In Jesus name Amen!" We looked up and my mother in law's mouth dropped and was in tears. We told my father in law later that day the same way.

My mom and stepdad came into town for Jett's 2nd birthday and we told them when we saw them. I was relieved that I finally told someone. So I can talk about my pain that I was going through a little bit. I was really having a tough time with everything. Not being able to be normal. Each day with the shots it got worse.

10 weeks
On my 10th week appointment. The doctor and nurses saw how much pain I was in. They decided to check my levels so I can go down to 1 shot a day. This was an early birthday present to me. I was hoping all was good. The doctor did the u/s we saw baby immediately and heard the heartbeat. A strong 183!!!  And was measuring perfectly. baby was bouncing everywhere. We could see a distinct head, arms & feet. It was so neat to see. The doctor was feeling better each visit about the the viability of this pregnancy. So did we. He told me to come back in 2 weeks and they would let me know if I can go down to 1 shot/day after blood work. I was praying that it would. I called the next day and they said I was good to go!! Such relief!!!

It was amazing what going to down 1 shot/day did for me. I was still sore and had welts, but my body was healing. I was able to walk a little better. Sit longer period of times. I could actually be somewhat normal. Unfornuatley at this point my bottom turned rock hard. So it was harder for the injections to get into the muscle. So Mike really had to stab into me when given me my shot. The shot itself was becoming painful, but I only had a couple more weeks to go. There was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Clot still located on the left. Baby to the right. Cute little arms,  legs, & head.

12 weeks...Lucky Charm
We made it to our 12 week appointment. Jett our lucky charm came with us to the appointment. Doctor decided to try the ultrasound on my belly than vaginally. The screen popped up and Jett pointed immediately to the screen and yelled, "Baby!!" Our little baby was squirming and moving all over the place. Measuring right on track with the heartbeat of 173. Jett kept pointed at the screen saying, "Baby!" It was so sweet. Dr. Young told us that we didn't have to come back for a month. I was so excited. We had been going in every 2 weeks. It is nice to get a little break.

Getting so big!!
In the last 6 weeks. I have been given 70 shots. This trimester was truly a test & challenge from God. Not something that I want to go through again, but I am glad to have gone on the journey. I really do believe God does things in our lives to keep us on our toes and to make a better us. I am glad that it is OVER. I now get to enjoy my pregnancy and be allowed to be happy. FINALLY! WHOOP!!

How we announced to Facebook (13 weeks). I was little over 12.5 weeks pregnant here.

Now some outtakes.....
Us trying to get Jett to talk into the can. We tried with putting gummy snacks in the can. FAIL

"No more gummies mommy..."


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