Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How I feel: Week 29

The Discomfort
My skin on my belly is STREEEEEEEETTTCCCHHHIIINNNNGG!!! And it HURTS! Luckily the itch isn't too bad, but the stretching is pretty uncomfortable. It feels like someone is getting the top layer of your skin and pulling in opposite directions. Ugh! On top of that this little one that is inside me is just doing somersaults and jabbing me so hard. Typically I can take this, but lately these jabs and kicks feel like they are about to bust out of my belly. I try to position myself certain ways, but it doesn't matter I am still uncomfortable. I think the worst is when I am on my right side. The baby must have more room and not like it because it is the most active in that position.

Contemplating Cord Blood Banking
Mike and I have been contemplating for a while if were going to bank the baby's cord blood for a while. We were back and forth on it. Mike and I both don't have any family history with the typical diseases that are being treated with the cord blood. We know it is always good to have so we wanted to get our doctor's opinion. When we talked to him he thought it was an excellent idea. He said that every day they are coming up with new ways to use the cord blood. It was be great to do just encase anything happens to Mike and I we can use it or on the baby if it isn't a blood disease. So I started to think if we had cord blood available to my dad after his accident would it have saved him???? So we decided even though we don't really have the money for it now. Money shouldn't be the reason for us not to do it because we can come up with them $$. I don't want to regret it or look back and say we sooo should have done it. So we are doing it!!

Woo Hoo Gained a little more!
This was the week I started my every 2 week appoinments. The last time I was there I didn't see the doctor for a full month and I had only gained 2 pounds. However, this time it was only a 2 week gap and I gained 4 pounds during that time. I was completly shocked ! Since I haven't really had a great big appetite like I had in the past. I guess the baby is growing more and more. So excited! As of this week I am 124 lbs. I was originally 101 lbs. WOO HOO!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Child Birthing Class

I was very nervous going into this class because I thought we would be the ones with the furthest due date. Luckily we weren't everyone was around the same range that we were. I know that is a pety worries, but I didn't want to look like we didn't belong because we weren't that far along. I also thought this class would draaaag because it was all day from 9 am to 5 pm on a Saturday. However, our teacher was really awesome and kept us very entertained. I am really glad we did this class because it really gave a heads up to us on what to expect when D-Day gets here. I think we both left the class thinking WOW....this is going to be a great experience. We are both nervous, anxious and excited about the whole thing. We both now know we both need to be on the same team when D-Day does arrive and we can't do it with out each other. Only 10 more weeks before it is here or less!!!

How I feel: Week 28

Moving a size up....Mike's clothes
This event actually happened a couple weeks ago. I was complaining how all my t-shirts were so tight around the belly. Then Mike suggested for me to wear some of his shirts that he doesn't wear anymore. So I went shopping in his dresser and found great long sleeve shirts for me to lounge around in at home. They are a little long around the arms, but every where else is perfect! Soooo comfy! It's funny I am wearing Mike's clothes, but I love it!

What is going on in there?
The baby has been extremely active in there. To a point sometimes that I feel sick. It is really crazy how much movement there is now. Nothing painful and that I can't handle just very different. Now you can see outside my belly all the movement of the baby. It is a little freaky, but cool at the same time. I think this is the most active this baby has ever been. I wake up time to time in the middle of the night because it is moving back and forth. I am not sure where everything is located at now because there is movements all over. I wish I knew where it was exactly positioned. I guess as time goes along I will know.
We are getting...sleepy...
The fatigue has come back from the 1st trimester. It is crazy how it hit right on the 3rd trimester. Sunday we just went driving around to different stores and by 2:00 PM I was wiped out! I needed a nap. So we went home and I took a nice 2 hour nap and I was back up and running again. I still have alot of energy, but towards the end of the day I am wiped. At least my eye lids are not closing in the middle of the day and while I am driving like teh 1st trimester, but all I know is I am starting to get sleepy alot earlier again.

28 weeks and my new hair cut!

Monday, December 6, 2010

How I Feel: Week 27

No Cravings...
I have been surprised that I've had NO cravings lately. No pickles, fuyuns, or sun flower seeds cravings. I have just been HUNGRY! When Mike asks me, "So what do you want to eat?" I just say, "Whatever." Which is so weird because at least I know what I want to eat, but nothing!! Maybe they will be pick up during the 3rd trimester. I would like to be more decisive on my food choices.

Gone Campin!
Yes, at almost 7 months pregnant I went hard core tent camping because that is how I roll! ha ha! And yes, the bright idea to go camping was mine! The Martin family we have always talked about going as a family somewhere. So I thought it would be great to go on a little camping trip up the day after Thanksgiving to Huntsville State Park, which is 45 minutes North of Houston. It is sounded like a great idea at the time until it went from the 80s down to the 30s. It was BRRRR rabbit cold!!! And of course we were camping with tents. They had sold out months prior that weekend at the park and the only thing available were tent sites only. We still had a great time in the freezing cold. Mike and Rick built a warm campfire. Mike bought me a sweatshirt, beanie and gloves before we went camping so I kept pretty warm. We had lots of food, smores, hot dogs & etc. The kids and the guys try to fish, but the fish just wouldn't bite at the pier. It was a great time till we had to go to bed in the cold. We did good though and got through the night. We were told the next day it got to be 26 degrees. BRRRRRR. Next time we definitely need to take the camper and go when the weather is a little warmer. Maybe it will be a holiday tradition. :-) Minus the cold weather.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Good bye 2nd Trimester Hello 3rd!

Wow....I can not believe this week is here that I am transitioning from the middle leg of this marathon to the last leg of it! I was told when I was entering the 2nd trimester that this would be the fun/honeymoon trimester that I would fall in love with pregnancy. Since now experiencing the 2nd trimester I would have to disagree. I wasn't miserable, but I certainly did not fall in love with pregnancy. This trimester certainly had it's ups and downs. Just like the 1st, but it definetly was something I was LOVING!

Something of things I did like about this trimester....

  • More energy
  • My visible baby bump
  • Feeling the baby move
  • Less potty breaks
  • No more progesterone!
Things I did not like....
  • Itchy Belly
  • Feeling swollen all the time
  • Hungry all the time
  • Back aches
  • Clothes not fitting at all
  • Not being able to sleep
  • Uncomfortable pressure on my belly when the baby moves to a certain position
  • Belly rubbing on everything when I am working on something
I complain alot, but it really wasn't too bad. I hear during the 3rd trimester that it is one of the worse trimesters because you get so big. I am looking forward to it though because that means it is almost the end and we finally get to hold our little baby. Less than 90 days and our little Martin will be here!!!!

Week 26: How I feel

Let's Talk About Some Tears....
I have been extremely emotional the past few days. So emotional that tears just roll down my face and I am genuinely sad. Mike was talking to me about Lucy and training her and I just started to cry like a little baby. Tears were just rolling down my face. Then after that he would just mention something so small and my eyes would just fill with tears! I guess it's the roller coaster of emotions/hormones that has me so sensitive about everything. At least they are tears that are gushing and not shots of anger! Ha! I prefer that way more then the angry Liz. Mike is definetly a trooper going through these hormonal changes with me. Can't be easy coping with a hormonal pregnant woman.

Nightmares...Please Go Away!
In the 2nd trimester I noticed that my dreams were becoming more and more vivid and felt more realistic to me. Sometimes I couldn't distiguish I had a dream or if it was something happening in the real world. It is so strange and unerving. However, the past few weeks I've been having the WORST nightmares. I wake up several times a night waking up with my heart pounding & with my body beading with sweat. I am genunily frighten and scared waking up multiple times a night to these dreams. Alot of them have to do with my dad some have to do with people dying or something happening to the baby. All in and all they are just not fun. I do not like the feeling that I have when I wake up remembering these dreams. Why can't I have vivid dreams about puppies, beaches, or Justin Timberlake (ha!). I guess I need think of more positive things during the day to get those dreams. With the holidays coming up hopefully these nightmares will die down and I will have heavenly dreams about the baby and our little family.

I Am Nesting He Says...
I have the need to CLEAN!!! This past weekend I cleaned our house topped to bottom. I swept, mopped, dusted, do laundry, dishes & more. My body was so sore once I was done. I definetly over did it. It was worth it though! Mike was laughing at me because in the middle of the night he was watching me dust off the curtain rods in our living room then the next thing he sees me with the scrapper scrapping the tile off the floors. It's funny, but I am getting things DONE!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

6 Month Check Up!

I can not believe we are already here at our 6 month check up (27 weeks)! Today's check up was fast. It was the 1st time that Mike has not been on an appointment with me, but that is okay. These appointments are so short now he really doesn't need to be present. Nothing super important going on like an ultrasound.

I gained 2lbs since my last visit (4 weeks ago). Down's test...negative (yay!). I passed my glucose test...woo hoo!! However, from the test we discovered I lack iron. So I will be needing to take iron through out the rest of the pregnancy and 6 weeks after I deliever. The doctor stated I would be losing alot of blood after the delivery so it would be good that I continue to take it after the pregnancy. Since that moment he said something about after the delivery I really hadn't thought about what my body would be like after I had the baby. Well I am glad the doctor brought it up because I need think past this pregnancy.

I have scheduled my next 3 appointments for every 2 weeks! Wow!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Work Baby Shower!!!

Today we were blessed to be showered by my co-workers at the Houston Chronicle. I am truly blessed to work with such awesome ladies. I have created so many great friendships at this place that I will cherish forever! I was so overwhelmed with all the goodies for the baby. Everyone did way above and beyond then they needed too. We are so lucky!

The shower was held at Pappasito's at Kirby & Richmond (the best fajitas ever....especially with the garlic butter...just heaven!). All the ladies at work were there and Mike was able to join us. He was such a good sport about it.

It was fun everyone guessing what we were having by seeing how I was carrying the baby. Half thought boy and the other half thought girl because I was carrying low. :-)

My close friend, Courtney, made this incredible diaper cake. I was so impressed with her skills!  It is pretty difficult to be creative with gender neutral things this day and age. She did such a great job!
We received some incredible gifts for our little one today that will come in so handy. Especially the "Snap & Go" I have heard sooo many incredible things about this stroller so I am really looking forward to using it!
 Lots of fun little toys & teething rings for the baby! 
Wash Clothes, Hooded Towels and the Cutest thing...the fluffy Elephant!
Our great friend Angela got the baby its' 1st little Ducky Bank from Berings. This precious gift is just darling. Something we will cherish for the rest of our little one's life!

After our we were done with our DELICIOUS lunch! They pulled out these beautiful petit-fores!! Not only are they just gorgeous, but super yummy!!!! We were so lucky to take the left overs home. These we were sooooo good!! Just melts in your mouth!

Like I said we are really really blessed to be surrounded by such incredible ladies. I can't wait for our little one to meet everyone who had welcomed our little Martin with out even meeting the little one yet. What a wonderful day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week 25: How I feel

Home to San Antonio
I made my first road trip being preggo by myself to my beautiful hometown of San Antonio. I really wanted to see my sister, Kathy, and the kids. I really really miss my hometown. It is so different from the fast Houston life. It is a big city, but not too big that it doesn't take you 1 hour to get to the other side of the town. It was really great to go home. I had my Alamo Cafe fix as soon as I arrived and brought some back with me to Houston thanks to Kathy. I got to see my growing beautiful niece Taylor and watch my nephew play tennis. It was such a treat to see them. On Saturday I got too have lunch with my bestie Vanessa. It was awesome! We have such a special relationship that we can not see each other for over a year and pick up where we left off. I really value that relationship we have. I know it will be one that will last a lifetime. She bought baby Martin the cutest pair of socks!! I can't wait too put them on the baby's little feet. We had a great time chatting about our lives. It is so strange to have the conversation about our own families we are creating as adults. It is really awesome. The trip too San Antonio was great I never want to leave when I go, but I do miss Mike and the dogs. At least when I head back to Houston I can stop at my favorite place Bucees!! YUM! I can't wait to take our baby to my hometown next year!

Big Growth Spurt
Just over a period of a couple days my stomach just grew so much!! The bump has become more and more distinct and prominent. You can definitely tell that I am pregnant with out a doubt. I guess this means I need to go shopping for more tops! The tops I have now are stretching so much you can see through them! I know from here it only gets bigger and better!!

November 16, 2010 officially marked 100 days till this little Martin arrives and changes are lives. I can not wait!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 24: How I feel

A little less trips!
My trips to the potty were quite frequent early in the pregnancy. Finally the number of trips have decreased! Thank goodness!! I was losing some sleep over it because I got up so much to go to the restroom and it was difficult for me to go back to my sweet slumber 5 to 6 times a night. Now I only get up twice or if I am lucky just once!! That is a big deal for me!! That also means I don't have to walk like a zombie 5 to 6 times a night without my glasses guessing where the toilet is. Ha! There have been numerous occasions during my trips in the middle of the night that I trip over one of the dogs or their bed. :-) I am just excited I don't have to pee so much! I will enjoy this small little treat of a more controlled bladder for a few more weeks because I here the trips are more often then ever in the 3rd trimester.

Good bye Innie...Hello Outie
Yes, that is correct. My innie is starting to turn into an outie. It hasn't complete poked right out, but it is just about there. I am curious to see if I will have a belly button that comes comepletly out as the belly gets bigger. I am not to excited about this body change, but I will take it over stretch marks ANY DAY!!

24 weeks! 
(Maverick is so cute...)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 23: How I Feel

Growing Pains
This week I started to feel very sore in my abdomen area. Every time I lifted or raised my leg I can feel the soreness. It kind of feels like I did a million crunches and feeling the aftermath of it. The pain eventually went away after several days, but every now and then I still feel the soreness. I am assuming this is my uterus stretching to make room for that baby of ours!! It is not as bad as it has been in the past. Just different. :-)

Hello Nursery....
So the room is cleared and ready to be renovated! We pulled all the carpet, base boards, shelves & doors to start the transformation in the room we plan to have our little one call its' own room. We purchased the paint for the walls. WOO HOO! We are going with 1 dark gray (Behr: porpoise) accent wall & 3 lighter gray (Behr: gentle rain) walls. We haven't started the painting yet because Mike has been working on refinishing the 2 pieces of furniture we had in the room. It is easier to work inside then in the nasty garage.

We have an armoire that use to have our big TV in and a dresser that has been in my family for over 30 years. We plan to use the armoire for more storage shelving for books & baskets/toys. The dresser will be used also as a changing table. We are painting it black & antique with white. It is going to look awesome! I am so excited on creating this room for our baby! It is going to be so cool! Before and After pictures to come.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

5 month check up!

We went in for a regular check up. We heard our little ones heartbeat loud and clear and I have official gained a whopping 20lbs! That is amazing to me. Now only 15-20lbs more to go. This was the check the I had to drink the highly concentrated orange drink for the glucose test. I am praying I pass with all flying color because I don't want to go back in for more blood work and on top of that deal with gestational diabetes. Not fun from what I hear.

So no new news from this check up besides the new weight gain and doing the glucose test. The doctor said everything sounded great and he would see me in 4 weeks then after that it will be every 2 weeks! We are getting close!!!

Week 22: How I feel

Ouch....My Eyes
I had read in the books that your eyes become drier while you are pregnant. I didn't think this would be a problem with me, but apparently it is. I have worn contacts for 14 years and I've had maybe 4 scratches/ulcers in my eyes from sleeping in my contacts during that over decade long time span. I really do not enjoy going to sleep and waking up practically blind. It is very annoying rummaging through your stuff in the dark looking for your glasses and there are many of times I never find them and I am walking around the house like a zombie. Thus, I sleep in my contacts. I even invested on contacts that I am allowed to sleep in or where for long periods of time. However, my eyes must be really really dry now because everytime I sleep in my contacts I wake up the next morning with my eye red, swollen and being in major pain. Then I have to wear my old glasses for a week and put in these antibiotic eyedrops I had from a year ago. So I don't have to continously go to the eye doctor. I have to say now I've had about 5 scratches in my eyes in the last 3 months. So annoying. I guess I will just be taking these contacts on & off every night. Really not fun when you go to the restroom 4 times a night and trip over dogs or beds.

Is That A Line?
The dreaded line on the belly that I was hoping would come towards the end my pregnancy is here. Right now it is a very very faint line, but I see it. I hope it doesn't get darker. I don't think it is super attractive next to the belly button that will pop out soon. Another change on my body that I will just have to deal with the next few months.

Nom Nom Nom
Looks like I have a growing appetite now. Before the pregnancy I always had tons of leftovers with all my meals and I was rarely hungry. I basically ate like a bird. Oh boy have the times change. I now have nothing on my plate, I go for second helpings, then 2 hours later I am hungry AGAIN! This is so not like me, but I gotta do whatever it takes to makes this baby happy and gain a healthy amount of weight. I just know now I can eat a whole pizza faster than Mike. And yes that is a huge accomplishement. Tee Hee!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How I feel: Week 21

Daddy Felt The Kicks!
Since the baby started to kick. Mike has been very persistent on trying to see if he could feel the baby kick. For 2 straight weeks he didn't feel anything. And I felt so bad because I knew how bad he wanted to feel his little one like I did. Feel a part of the whole thing. Finally one night he felt the little kick and made a sound. I said, "Did you feel the baby?????" This time I was not disappoint with the answer. He had a big grin on his face and said, "Yes." Since then he has felt the baby several times. I am soooo thrilled that he FINALLY got to feel his night owl baby rolling and kicking in me. It was a wonderful moment!

Ugh So UGLY!
Ugh....the other night. Mike noticed on my hips the thing I was trying to avoid through out this whole pregnancy. Yes.....STRETCH MARKS!!! UGH!!!! I just wanted to cry!!! However, looking again after all the emotions had passed....they look like the small little marks I had during my growth spurt when I was younger. They are just more apparent because my butt is getting bigger. Yes, you heard right my BEHIND is getting bigger! I am kind of glad about this because I have no butt. However, I would love to have a bigger butt with out the war wounds that are being left there. Oh well.....the things that come with having a little one.

At work I had several events that I was going to that I needed to look decent for. So I decided to shop a little because my current maternity wear (pants) made me look frumpy and not a glowing prego. I bought a cute dress, leggings, tights & a long shirt. And boy do the tights and the leggings comfortable. Why didn't I wear these before!?!  I want to wear them more often, but I need to find a few more tops and dresses that are more decent for work and not so casual or super dressy. I will be going on the hunt again, but I am feeling better now about shopping. Because I got so many great compliments about what I wearing before. And my husband said I was a "HOT MOMMA," which totally made my day! So I am motivated...I want to be a "hot momma" ALWAYS!

Registering has BEGUN!
I had been putting off registering because the last time I was at Babies R' Us I was completely overwhelmed. I just wanted to walk right out after I walked in. Last time I just stood on the bottle & nipple for literally 30 minutes with a blank stare. Wow....what an experience. So I began my registry online because it wasn't as bad as being there in person. I was hoping to go to Babies R' Us just once to look at the stroller and car seat. However, I started to think about it more I need to look at more stuff in person. I thought I would do this closer to my personal shower date in January. But my co workers wanted to throw me a shower at the end of November. So I went this week to Babies R' Us when I had a 1/2 day off. I figured going in the middle of the day wouldn't be as bad because I can take my time with out people rushing me and standing around me. My experience this time wasn't all too bad. I still have no idea what I am doing. I this was a PetSmart registry I would know exactly what I needed and want! But with this baby I have no idea!!! Maybe I will get gift cards and I can use them afterwards because I more than likely will making more trips then. The next place I need to tackle the registering will be Target!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

How I feel: 20 weeks

Night Owl Baby!
This baby is definitely a Martin baby! It kicks like crazy at night. Little flicks to my belly while I am watching my shoes or laying in bed at night. I feel the baby also move during the day, but not as much as I do in the night. It is so surreal feeling the kicks and I am very much enjoying it. I just know these movements will get stronger as the baby gets bigger and it won't be as much fun at night.

5th Disease Testing
Kim had emailed me that my youngest niece Evella has 5th disease aka slap cheek. It is basically a rash that you have for several weeks on your face looking like you got slapped in the face. It is alot like chicken pox once you get it once you are immuned to it and never get it again. That weekend prior we had spent a little time with her at Traci's baby shower. Kim had looked up that 5th disease can have some harmful effects on pregnant women if they get it. Kim suggested that I get tested at my doctor to see if I was exposed to it or not. There is no telling if I was immune or not.They say 50% of women are immune so it shouldn't be a big deal and also the mainly effects to earlier pregnancies. I called the doctor and did a blood test to make sure. So if I did have it they would just monitor me closer because there is no medication to cure it. I didn't hear back from the doctor so I assume everything is okay.

Half Way There
I mentioned this in the 20 week ultra sound portion. But I really can't believe we are 1/2 way there!! This week seemed sooooo far away. The next 20 weeks will just creep up on us. I am really excited to meet our new baby. I am little nervous just to the life change and all, but it will be all worth it! Even though we are scared to death. It's all good!

20 weeks! It is really popping now!

20 week ultrasound!

Wow! I can't believe we are at 20 weeks and got to see our little one at the half way point. This day always seemed so far away for us. It was finally here and it was incredible! I love our ultrasound tech because she is so sweet and she is pregnant as well. She is due 2 days after me on the 25th!!

The ultrasound showed nothing, but great news! Heartbeat was at 160 and we got see all the heart valves pumping like crazy. The little spine was so much more intricate that we last saw at 14 weeks. The baby is just almost 1 whole pound and is in the 59th percentile! I also have gain in total 15 pounds! Woo Hoo!

We also confirmed the baby's gender and got a great shot. But of course I am not going to put that here until after we reveal the gender in January. :-)

Some snapshots of our cute little Martin at 20 weeks and 1 day.

Little Martin toes. Mike thinks the baby has my toes since 
the little pinky toe is so small compared to the others.
We have an Aggie in my womb!! Gig'em!!
Awwww....Looks like it has its' mommy's big eyes.
Baby definitely has Daddy's nose.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 19: How I feel

Finally told someone
I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned this week. So many great things during this appointment. (1) Baby moved for the first time (2) I finally got to tell someone what we were having.

My dentist starts chatting & asking questions about our pregnancy then he asks the question that everyone asks, "Do you know what you are having?" I said, "Yes, but we are keeping a secret, but I am going to tell you because I have been dying to tell someone." He laughed and promised he didn't know our parents and would keep it hush. I laughed as I told him. It felt great! It was really surreal finally being able to say it out loud that we are having a...... (not till the shower till everyone will find out). I also told the ladies at the front desk since I was on a roll. I didn't care if they knew too. I only see these people twice a year. So what the heck! I can't wait to annouce it to everyone at the shower in January.

We go in for an 20 week ultrasound this week, which will probably confirm the gender because I am not completly sold on what it is.

Rebellious Dogs!
I just want to strangle our 3 dogs. The dogs were originally getting out through the back of the yard. So I decided to take charge after one of their escapes in the evening. I huffed and puffed at 17 weeks and fixed the fence succesfully by myself. They never got out from that access point. SUCCESS!!

Now....there is a part of the fence in our front yard where a tree fell from Ike. The fence is much lower and Mike had fixed at one point, but there is another part that the dogs were climbing over. All 3 including hefty Mr. Bentley. When Bentley first did it 9 months back the other 2 dogs couldn't do it and he climbed over very seldomly. Now it is practically everyday with Lucy. Last week I thought I would give my carpentry skills a try again. I just placed one of the metal sheets higher than the fence so they couldn't climb over. I thought it would work. FAIL!!! Bentley & Lucy still climbed over their same side. Then all of the sudden when I trying to stop the other two I see Maverick in the corner of my eye run back and jump over the 6 ft rigged fence I had built. I was just amazed that he could do that. I never saw him as a jumper. Then I had to go get them down the street as usual, but this time I had to refrain Lucy from killing poor little chicken. She is nuts!

After many the escapes my stomach always tightens up from the stress and always worries me that it is hurting the baby. And worse....l;ead to misscarriage. I finally asked me to PLEASE fix the fence. Mike finally fixed the fence so hopefully now they won't do it again. I really need the dog whisper out here to help us with their escaping. Hopefully walking Bentley and the 2 other dogs will help with the want to get out. I just can't have another Coyte accident happen again. I couldn't live with another incident like that again the guilt just destroys me.

Nursery in the Works
We had our garage sale the weekend before to clear out the room. So we are good to go starting to work on the nursery!!! Yay! I didn't know when we would start, but one evening this week while I was watching my show I noticed that Mike had disappeared. I walked in the hallway and saw pieces of carpet in the hallway. He had started to rip up all the carpet in the room!! WOO HOO! He took it all out. All we need to do now is finalize paint colors and paint the room. Then work on the floors! I can't wait to start working on it! It will be sooooo much fun!! Finally get to decorate a room for a baby!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Felt the Baby!!

Today I am exactly 19 weeks and I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. As I was laying in the dentist chair the hygienist was talking to me and all of sudden I felt my abdomen area move from bottom to the top on the right. It felt like a huge gas bubble rolling. I knew it was the baby moving since it was hard right in that area. I was shocked and in the middle of our conversation I held the area and just said, "Ohhhh....Whoa." The hygienst asked, "Did you feel the baby move." I responded, "Oh yeah." I really wanted to jumped up and down for joy. I had to stay calm, but it was so exciting to finally feel our baby move. It is surreal!!!

Week 18: How I feel

Hello to My Teenager Skin
It has been known that I NEVER have problems with my skin. Only when I am extremely stressed out is when I break out around my chin area. Even after I stopped taking birth control my skin went a little wild, but went back to normal. I can remember as a teenager that I rarely had a pimple. Just recently I have these huge mountains of ugliness just pop up on my face. Literally it feels like everyday Mike points to me and says,"Did that thing just pop up in 1 day???" And the answer is always YES! It is extremely frustrating since I wash my face day and night. I take care my skin more now then I did before I was pregnant and I have the worse skin problems. I know it's because the increase in hormones, but can't I just have that glowing skin that you hear pregnant women have?? I guess not....maybe in a few weeks!

A Stranger Asked...
People that know me already know that I am pregnant so they are looking for the baby bump. They see it right away even though it's not anything to get too excited over. I am in that middle stage that some days I just look like I have a gut and some days I look preggo. However, for the first time this weekend I had a complete stranger, at our garage sale we had this weekend, asked me if i was expecting. I was so excited because that meant my bump was actually apparent!! WOO HOO! Strangers only ask when they know for sure or either just plain rude. Ha! This was definitely a monumental thing for me!!

Week 18

Monday, September 27, 2010

4 month check up

We went on our 4 month check up this past Thursday. I didn't know what to expect since it was the first time we just went in for a regular check up. The other times there were ultra sounds, pap smears, blood test, & etc. I didn't expect any new tests or ultra sounds. So I was curious to see what would happen.

The wait wasn't long this time...thank goodness. Usually the waiting room would be completely full of pregnant women who are about to pop! We went in about 9:15ish or so. Didn't wait long for the doctor either. He asked if we had any questions and then did what I was waiting to hear for a month! The heartbeat! He pulled that doppler that I hated a couple months back when it didn't detect the heartbeat. However, this time it took literally not even a second to find that little heart beat. It was beating at a strong 152! Everything sounded great! I was feeling good!

He then asked if we wanted to test for Downs. I said yes automatically. Didn't even ask Mike what his thoughts were, which I should have. I just thought it would just be a good test to take. So we stayed in the room for another 30 minutes to do my blood work. So I have gotten plenty of blood work in the past and this time it was the most painful thing I have ever experience. Usually it is just the prick of the needle for a couple of seconds, but this was excruciating pain from the prick to the drawing of the blood and afterwards. Just pain!!!

People have asked me why did I want to take the Downs test. And I tell people just to ease my mind, but then I start to think. If I did find out if we had a baby that had Downs what would we do we are literally 1/2 way through the pregnancy. I am not sure what we would do in that situation. That would be a pretty serious conversation between Mike and I because I am not sure how he feels about it. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Just taking it one day at a time.

I am really looking forward to our 20 week ultrasound which is scheduled for 2 weeks. I can't wait to see our little baby move. It will be 2 months since we have seen it!

Week 17: How I feel

I've always had a few light sun spots on my face and the back of my arms. I had a lot removed when I graduated from college when I went to Korea. Some came back because of the hellish sun beams that we get here in Houston. A little bit of concealer always covered them up. However, I noticed the past few weeks and especially this week that I am finding more of these sun spots. And they are the darkest they have ever been. There not just showing up on the back of my arms like a game of connect the dots, but even my legs!! And even worse they spots are becoming darker on my face. I've heard this occurring of dark pigments on your skin, but this is just ridiculous. Concealer is barely covering up what is on my face. The back of my left arm is just now embarassing. I decided after we have our last child I will get the spots removed. They make very self conscious. Most people say it isn't a big deal, but to me they are. These spots are not like your typical freckles. They are HUGE!!!

I'm Part Of The Club
I attended one of our long time Cutco friends, Matt & Leeanne's, baby shower this week. This shower was for 3 girls due a month apart from each other. As soon as I walked in I felt so welcomed. I felt like I was part of a new club, The Preggo Club. We talked so much about each other pregnancies and we have gone through and what I should expect the months to come. It was really nice to chat with other gals. I am usually distant with people I don't know very well and stay pretty much to myself especially with women. I had a great time though listening to everyone's experiences.

I noticed since I have been pregnant that anyone who is a mother is the same way as the girls were to me at the shower. Opening up there arms to me and sharing there experience and genuninely interested on how I am doing. I am in the "new" club. Yes! Definetly different, but I am really enjoying it. I compare it to becoming an official Aggie. Only Aggie's know how it feels to be an Aggie. I guess that goes the same way being preggo. It's awesome!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Week 16: How I feel

Damn those Maternity Clothes makers!
This past weekend I was determined to find some maternity pants for work & some jeans on the weekends. I had my Saturday list all planned out on where all I was going to go. First stop was Gap Maternity....I heard so many great things about their maternity jeans I thought I would have better luck then the weekend before. Um...I was wrong. I tried on 2 slacks and 2 pair of jeans and they were TERRIBLE! The length was super duper long and on top of that you can fit all my dogs in my pants. I looked like I was wearing a parachute. So much extra space and everything is just WAAAY to big. I was so surprised since I tried my pre pregnancy size in maternity wear. I guess these clothing companies take into account the belly growth, but I always thought that's why there is the stretchable band.

Second stop the mall....I was going to stop at Macy's for the clothes and Aldo for some flats I wanted to get. I arrived at Macy's and they had this HUGE sale going on so it was chaos. I walked around the department store 3 times looking for the maternity section. I tried to look for someone to help me, but they were all manned at the cashier with lines going out the door. I tried looking for a map, but I guess the Macy's in The Woodlands was created by a man and believed we didn't need one. So I gave up and went to Aldo to look for the flats and they were gone! The others I tried on were just plain ugly. So I quit the mall. After the mall I went to Marshall's & Ross and both were failed attempts. Then I went to my glorious Target and had some little bit of success and a glimmer of hope.

I tried a few more jeans again and slacks. The slacks were not as bad as the Gap, but still pretty big. Jeans were huge too except for this one pair. It actually fit decently. Not exactly how I wanted it to be around the butt area, but I thought I would buy them just because I don't think I will find anything better that fits. So finally some success! I decided then after going to Gap, Marshall's, Ross, Target and wander through a crazy mall for 5 hours I was done for the day. I felt defeated for just buying one maternity item. Maybe that following weekend I thought.

On Sunday since I had a little bit more rest I decided I would try one more time with my best shopping partner, Mike. He always picks out great things and so fast. After church we went to Kohl's and he helped me find a pair of black slacks and 2 cute tops. I felt much much better after that. I need to go to another Kohl's location to look for some more slacks at work. I have worn my new maternity pants sooo much, but they are just so much easier and comfortable.

So after the long weekend I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman that I had the money to buy clothes, but I couldn't find anything cause no one wanted to help me at the stores. And Mike was Richard Gere coming to save the day by helping me with the shopping.

1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of slacks, 2 tops = success for right now. :-)

The Belly Finally Entered The Room....
I am very excited to see my belly is actually starting to really appear. I really look like I am pregnant now. In the morning I just look like have a pooch, but by the end of the day I have a round little tummy. Mike is really loving it too.

My ta tas have really grown too. Too a point there are not even recognizable to me! Of course Mike is really loves the new growth there too. It is funny how amazed he is by all the changes of my body. He says my mommy body is blossoming. He jokes that the Ta Ta fairy has come to visit and he is very happy. Ha! I guess I am becoming a curvy mommy the next 5 months. I guess I should enjoy it now before the baby deflates them. Ha ha!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 15: How I feel

Add Funyuns and Snow Cones to the List
So not only pickles & BBQ sunflower seeds are still part of the cravings. To add to the weird list are Funyuns & Snow cones. Yes, you heard right Funyuns!! The onion ring chips that make your breathe just wreak after eating them, but they are sooooo good. They remind so much of my early childhood in Corpus Christi. Every Sunday after church the Pastor's son would buy me a big bag of Funyuns because he knew I loved them. Man those were the days. 

The sweet taste of a strawberry snow cone just lingers through my mind alllll week! I can't access a real good snow cone until the weekend. So I look forward to the weekend not only for the break, but for the snow cone. Soooo sad!

Hello Maternity Clothes
The Belly Band that I purchased around 12 weeks or so is starting to get old. It wasn't that bad when I could kind of still button my pants, but it was just uncomfortable. Well now it is just impossible. The band is starting to ride up and it is covering more area now since I can not zip up my pants. Also, I am getting annoying with all impressions of my pants my skin. I can see every detail of a button or a hook of my pants. Jeans are the worst! So Mike and I stopped into Motherhood Maternity to try on some pants and boy are they UGLY!! No wonder women hold off on the maternity clothes as long as possible. These pants do not enhance anything for you or even help you in anyway for your figure. I decided to wait on the pants for 1 more week, but after that I will need to invest in a few pair of pants. Ugh!!

I am looking forward to picking out some new shirts, but not maternity. The tops these days are so flowy so I will stick to that so I can continue to wear them after the pregnancy. That's a positive to look forward too. :-)

First Panic Attack
On Monday (Labor Day) I had my first panic attack about the preparation of our little Martin baby. I started to work on our budget and it dawned on me. What we are living on right now is what we can afford not including a new baby, hospital cost, etc. I started to freak out. Bawled through out the day. Then Mike reassured me not to worry that God would be with us and things always turn up for us. Doesn't feel like it right now, but it will. I completely believe that God will be us and will only give us we can only handle. I just have to trust he will do what is best for our family. I believe.

Week 15 Pic! Somewhat of a bump!
(I love how Maverick is gazing at the baby belly)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Week 14: How I feel

Wow...I am INSANE!
I have noticed the past couple weeks I have been very irritable. Anything Mike says or does just makes me snap. This week has to be the worst week. I have been starting really dumb fights. I picked up a booked someone recommended to me, "The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy." It really opened my eyes realizing how insane I have been, but it is perfectly normal. It is just all part of the hormones. I feel really bad for my sweet husband. He tries his best to make me happy and comfortable. And all I do is being a cuckoo nut case! I know this is something that will last for a while. Since I realize & aware that I am now insane and I can consciously try to be better about it. We shall see!

I definitely have reached that stage in the pregnancy where I have shortness of breathe. I can walk from our bedroom to the yard and I have to sit down because I need to catch my breath. Just the other day I was washing my hair and that got me all tired and out of breathe. I had to wash my hair short stages. Soooo pathetic. I am going to start walking again with the dogs to help with the endurance. I was walking a few weeks ago with Bentley, but I had stopped because it was just so hot and I was still really tired. The lack of breathe is really tough on me. I am not use to this at all.  

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Goodbye 1st Trimester!!!

We are officially done with the 1st trimester!! WOO HOO!!! I am looking forward to the "honeymoon" trimester.

Not sure how much my waistline grew. All I know is that I can not zip up any pants or shorts! Belly Band all the way. I also gained 8 lbs my 1st trimester (101lbs to 109lbs....I know still stick then). Which is awesome! Since most of my life I have always had extremely difficult time in gaining weight. I am very happy with the weight gain. So was my doctor's office.
I will not miss the constant fatigue, nausea, heighten sense of smell and taste, major mood swings, taking my suppositories, etc. Amen it is gone!!!

It was exciting to find out about the pregnancy and annoucing it too all our friends and family. We are so excited about our new addition. I am sure the next two trimesters will just fly by!

Progression of the belly on the 1st trimester...... 
(I was trying to suck it in most of the
time to see the real bump and not bloat)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Week 13: How I feel

Happy Birthday Honey!!!
This week was my dear Mike's 35th birthday! I was so excited to celebrate his birthday! I was feeling great! Not as much nausea anymore. My sense of smell wasn't as heighten. Any I am not as sleep. It was actually really nice. I was able really enjoy my honey's surprise birthday dinner and going out with some friends. He had a great time!

The only thing that really still sucks in the frequent potty breaks. When I am sitting it is fine, but when I start walking around I am in constant search of a restroom.

My belly is growing more and more. My stomach is starting to itch. I am sure glad this was the last week of the 1st trimester!!!! Been waiting for it to be over for a while now!!

We are having a.....

Wouldn't you like to know? Ha ha!

We went into the doctor August 26th at 14 weeks and 1 day. We were going in for an ultrasound to check everything was okay with my cervix. I had a procedure done a few years back that could cause issues during the pregnancy. Luckily my doctor is keeping close eye on it. I will have a few more of these type of ultrasounds.

The ultrasound tech was mainly looking at the cervix we could see the baby some. She had to do a transvaginal ultrasound since she was checking the cervix. This gives her some details of the baby. She tells us everything looked great with the cervix. Then asked if we would like to know the gender? I was shocked that she knew already! Mike automatically said no because he really wanted to keep the element of surprise at the birth. I kept saying I wanted to know because deep down inside I did. He kept his ground.

Baby looked great! We got 2 u/s pictures. Nothing to do with the gender. Baby's heartbeat was at 156!

As we walk out I guess the peer pressure got to him and he tell the tech...."Go ahead and tell her?" Me and the ultrsound tech were both shock that he said that. Then she told us we were having a.......

Not telling!!

Since Mike gave up knowing we decided to keep this secret to ourselves. So we can enjoy this moment. I will still be planning everything as gender neutral with the nursey and the things we get for the baby.

We are both sooo excited! Mike was disappointed some that we found out. I totally understand why, but I still think the experience we will go through during the birth will overshadow knowing. It will still be a big surprise!

We go back September 23rd at 18 weeks for a check up! Almost half way too see out little baby Martin!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No more meds....well I thought!

Around 5 weeks I was put on progesterone supplement (one my early entries: Progesterone Scare) because my levels had dropped slightly for week to week. I was too take these supplement through my 1st trimester. And it has been a total pain taking them because they are just not your regular pop in the pill supplement. So uncomfortable to take. Just not fun!

Sooooo I have been really excited that this past weekend would be the last of my supplement intake. Then I received a call from the doctor on Friday that I needed to take an antibiotic for 5 days. I was thinking it wouldn't be too bad and assumed it was just the run of the joe pill or liquid bottle antibiotic. It just couldn't be that easy would it? This as well was just not a simple pop the pill antibiotic. my excitement quickly went away. At least this time it is 5 days rather than 11 weeks. I can totally handle that.

After Wednesday....I will be med free!! WOO HOO!! Soooo looking forward to it!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 12: How I feel

I Need A Massage!
My lower back has been aching the past few days. I am not sure if it's the new belly that is creating this discomfort to my back. All I know is I am ready for that prenatal massage that I couldn't get last week! Ugh! I was dying when I got home Sunday morning from a hair photo shoot.  Luckily Mike rubbed my back quite a bit on Sunday. My body just can't handle what it use too. I just need a lot more rest than before. I was so lucky to have a lazy Sunday. It was great!

Besides the back pain I am starting to feel normal again. I am starting too cook and clean like I use too before I got pregnant. Which is great! Eating out and laundry piling up is not fun. It's great not coming home now and just laying down because I was so tired. Or I just didn't have the desire to do anything. I am so glad I have regained my energy. I am started to walk our dogs for a little more exercise so that might be helping out too. All I know it is great to be somewhat normal again!!

12 week pictures....I feel bigger than the picture really shows (more bloat....blah)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 11: How I feel

My Growing Waistline
This week I definitely felt pregnant. My belly decided to just pop out out of no where. I can no longer can button up my pants and slowly I am unable to even zip my pants. I had to get another BeBand, but in black. My nude color one just was standing out too much. However, I am very excited about the growing bump. Doesn't look like I am quite prego yet. I just look like I have gut, but I know it will get there. Maybe in 2 more weeks I will have a definte bump.

I am rubbing my belly constantly with some type of cream, balm & oil. I am DETERMINED NOT to have ANY stretch marks!

Pickles & Sunflower seeds....
People have asked me what I have been craving lately. It's weird, but they are pickles and BBQ Sunflower seeds! I am soooooo addicted! I can go through 1 bag of sunflower seeds in a day and a half. A jar of pickles in 1 day. It is soooo good! I think about it now and I want them both!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Check up....Dumb Doppler!

We had our first official check up on Wednesday at our 12 week mark. Mike went with me for the support plus he would get to hear the heart beat. I knew going into the appointment that I would get my annual exam since I hadn't had one yet and then he would use the doppler on me to detect a heartbeat. We weren't due for another ultrasound until 2 more weeks.

So we do the exam, which was fine no big deal. Except I always feel uncomfortable my legs on the stirrups and Mike is joking with the doctor about some other stuff. AWKWARD....having my husband joke with another man who is looking in my "woo ha." I know he is a doctor and everything, but STILL! Weird!

So Dr. Young gets the Doppler out. Has me lay down and lift my shirt so he can rub the Doppler on my belly. I thought it would be no problem getting a heartbeat since I heard the doctor's doppler are very sensitive compared to the ones you can buy for yourself. So he keeps searching and searching and searching. I am starting to freak out! He doesn't seem to think it was a big deal and just tells me to get dressed and I will get an ultrasound. So of course I freak out as we wait 15 minutes in the waiting room. What if we don't hear a heartbeat? How will I react? I would be devastated. This can't happen to us! I am just squeeze on Mike's hand tight and he is telling me not to worry.

Finally the ultra sound tech calls my name to come on back for the ultrasound. I lay down and she squirts the jelly stuff and rubs my belly. Then we saw our bean was an actual BABY! She goes, "Do you see it just moving around like crazy?" I just started to laugh and felt a huge amount of RELIEF! Baby was moving so much and had a heart beat of 175!  Saw the little fingers make a fist and legs stretching and moving around. I was speechless! So awesome!

Because of the dumb doppler we were able to see our baby! Wish I didn't feel the way I felt before the ultra sound, but it doesn't matter now. We have a BABY!

Stretching out its' little legs!

The little arm and hand. Making a fist. Sooo cute!

Freaky!! Looks like an alien!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Week 10: How I feel

Ugh.... how I despise you morning sickness!
Morning sickeness has not really come to haunt me during this trimester, which I am very blessed to not experience. The only thing I feel is being nauseas every now and then when I eat certain foods or smell an overpowering cologne or perfume. Well this week is the week that I was hit hard for 1 day of the dreadful thing we call morning sickness. BLAH!

I woke up on Thursday feeling terrible!! I was extremely weak and pale. I had no energy and my stomach was turning. All morning I was dry heaving, which I ABSOLUTLEY just hate! I rather just throw up because at least something comes out. The dogs were so sweet. Surrounding me and giving me kisses because they new I was feeling miserable. Eventually I slowly got ready and went to work. I took a bag with me just encase I needed to get sick in the car. I arrived at the parking garage at work and I had the urge to get sick. I sat helplessly in my car dry heaving once again and nothing! I sat at my desk at work and I just couldn't move or do anything. So I decided I would take a 1/2 day off and go home.

So I left and ate 1/2 a sandwich and took a nap. I woke up and I felt even worse! My lower back was killing me! I spent most of my day in bed. I tried to clean some because we had people coming over, but I could only clean in 5 minute increments. I was so weak I had to rest. It was just missssseraable! I took my temp and had a low fever. I had to get that down soon. So I went to get something to eat and stopped by Walgreens to get some stuff. The evening got a little better after I took some the Tums & Tylenol. I went to bed and the next day I felt 20 times better!!!!

Today was the week that I had to invest in my 1st maternity thing! So exciting! I purchased my Bella Band at Target on Sunday. I had noticed my pants were getting a little tight up front, but still buttonable. However, when I buttoned them it made had the urge to go to the potty every 5 minutes and there was really nothing to go to the restroom for. Once I undid the button it was fine. I should be comfortable during this time. So I decided it was time to get that Bella Band.

I wore the band for the first time at work. It didn't feel to bad. I was concerned that I would be so hot in it. Since it would be up against my skin and it was just more fabric than usual. Suprisngly it was not hot with the triple digit heat wave we have been going through lately. I was trying to hide the natural color with my shirt. I felt even more pregnant with that on. Yay!

Eeeek....not what you want to see
I did have a small little scare this week. I noticed a tiny spot of blood down there. When I saw it I started to freak out and started to cry. I was praying hoping it was not my worst fear. Mike calmed me down by getting my book and looking it up. It said it was normal. As long I was not gushing blood and cramping. I didn' t have any of that. So I thought I would skip the ER visit that night. Was a huge scare. I am still a little parnoid until I go to the doctor next week for my check up.

Let the Nursery begin!
This week we started to clean out the room that will be the nursery. We will be taking the remainder of the stuff out in a couple of weeks when Mike's youngest sister takes what she needs for college. Then we will have an empty room to start working on. I can't wait because we have alot to do!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 9: How I feel

9 weeks have already! Amazing how fast time is flying. Things have definitely changed some during this week, but also keeping the same symptoms.

Sensory overload!!!
It feels like my sense of smell has heighten to it's peak! Everything just hurts my head. I feel like a dog sniffing around trying to figure our where the strong smell is coming from. It drives me crazy! Most of the time it is perfume or cologne that really hits me. That stuff I can't do anything about especially if I am in a meeting or in a car with someone. I want to puke, but I have to hold it in. So nauseating.

My other sense of taste has really changed this week. On Friday we had some sushi because I was craving it ALL week. I was dreaming about the yummy roll I was going to put into my mouth. We finally get the roll I eat it. Then had to spit it out!! It was the most salty and disgusting thing EVER!! So not the same! I thought it was the actual sushi (cooked), but Mike said it was me because everything was fine. Ugh! I guess I can't enjoy sushi for the next 6 months! Boo!! What I really want is just a sliver of sushi salmon. Doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. Maybe after the baby is born I can get a delivery of sushi as soon as I push "Baby Martin" out! ha!

With my sense of taste changing. Nothing is really appetizing anymore. I am not craving anything and I really don't want to eat anything. Since now every time I eat it upsets my stomach or just doesn't taste right. And now after I eat my stomach just blows up because of the bloat! So annoying! I hope this all changes in the 2nd trimester.

Same ole Same ole
Still really tired and going to the restroom quite often. My trips to the restroom are more frequent now then ever. I think I have to go to the restroom at least once an hour or more!

I know most of my posts are negative about all my symptoms because they are just not fun in the 1st trimester. However, I am really excited to say my pants are starting to get tighter because my belly is starting to grow. Meaning baby is getting bigger and I will have a bump soon!

I have been really slacking at taking my weekly photos. I think I will do what I saw another girl do online is take photos every 4 weeks. So I will have a photo for sure at my 10 week mark! I can compare 6 weeks and 10 weeks! Hopefully we will see a difference!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Week 8: How I feel!

This week was bit of a drag. I was extremly fatigue and very bloated. Everyday I came home from work I was soooo tired I was falling asleep when I was eating. Poor Mike hasn't really seen his wife the whole week.

Busy Busy=Tired Liz
It was even tougher with all the activities going on this past weekend. Mike's family had come into town so we went to karoke on Friday night. Saturday was the family reunion and right before that I had to take Bentley to get some shots. Then Sunday after church I went shopping with Becca & Jada for her birthday. I was exhausted! Then that night Mike wanted to go to the movies. So I was pretty grumpy because I didn't get much sleep that weekend like I usually do. So I decided to take a day off on Monday. Best thing I did! I slept an additional 4 hours!!! It was awesome!!

Too many potty breaks!
Symptoms are mostly all the same. Except going to the restroom in the middle of the night has greatly increased. I go to the restroom like 5 times in the evening. Before it was about 2 times per night. It is so much now I barely get any sleep. I don't think this will change only get worse. So I guess I need to go to bed earlier.

I am such a bad mommy already. I didn't even take a picture at 8 weeks because I was exhausted. I am sure nothing really has changed belly wise in a week. My chest has gotten bigger, but that's it! I will have a pic of 9 weeks next week. In the mean time I am going to post a picture of what are baby might look like at 8 weeks in my belly. The images are amazing from

Monday, July 19, 2010

Whoa what a dream!!

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream that I was pregnant and that my boss, Heinrich's wife was also pregnant. In my dream she was just a couple of weeks ahead of me and was complaining to me that she was having bad morning sickness.

The day we had an ultrasound. Heinrich had come over to my area and was talking to Misti and I. Right then I just mentioned my dream to him because it was so odd that I had a dream with his wife in it. Right then his face totally changed and asked me if I had ESP or any special Korean powers he didn't know about. I was so surprised to hear his response. I wasn't telling him about the dream because I knew there was some truth to it. So based on his reaction I asked, "Is your wife pregnant?" He didn't answer. He continued to ask me about my special magical powers. I asked again, "Is your wife pregnant?" Then he finally admitted that she was 11 weeks pregnant and that they were having a girl with the help of IVF.

I was stunned!! Didn't know my dream had ANY truth to it at all! Soooo freaky! So they I decieded since we were on common ground that I would break the news about our new addition right then. I then asked him when they were due. He said sometime in January. I said, "Really? Our kids will be really close in age. Since I am pregnant too!" He was sooooo surprised and gave me a hug.

It was such a perfect way to break the news to him. I feel so much better now that he knows. It was killing that he didn't know and I couldn't freely talk about it at work.

1st ultrasound!! We have a bean!

Thursday, July 15th is the day we FINALLY got to see our baby!!

We had an early 8 AM appointment for an ultrasound and first visit with my ob/gyn. We first went into the ultra sound room. It was so awesome to finally to be in that room because we were pregnant and not because I had some woman issues they had to check out.

I laid down and there was a small screen for me to see. Mike sat near the ultrasound tech and watched off her screen. She used the ultrasound device and immediately we saw our little bean!! What a sense of relief. We saw the little heart beat just go, which was so cool to see. Then she turned on the sound so we can hear the baby's heart beat. THAT was the MOST amazing thing I have ever heard. A little heart beat in my body that wasn't mine. So so AWESOME!! All I can do it SMILE and kept repeating how awesome it was. The u/s tech then told us the heartbeat was 160 which was very very good. So far a strong baby!

She took some measurements of the baby, which by the way is only 1. No twins for us this time around! Tee hee! She checked out my ovaries to see everything was okay. She said it looked like I ovulated from my left ovary and everything looked wonderful in there. I was right on track 8 weeks, 1 day. Due February 23, 2011!!

The funny part was that my u/s tech was pregnant to and her due date was only 2 days after mine! Nuts! I was so happy for too!!

The overall experience was just amazing and indescribable on how I felt. I did feel a great sense of relief that the baby was okay. I can not wait too see the progression of the baby for our next u/s, which will be at 13 weeks at the end of my 1st trimester. The baby won't be a little bean anymore. It will actually have fingers, toes and no tail!!

Our little bean!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 7: How I feel

So this is how it be preggo!
Now everyday I feel more and more confident about our pregnancy. Week 7 there wasn't any major things that made me feel any different except for being a little bit nausea. Whenever my stomach was bare empty that's when the nausea would kick in. Thank goodness I have not thrown up. I hate throwing so I am so blessed that hasn't happened yet (knock on wood).

One other thing that has really stood out is the bloating. After I eat now my belly becomes just HUGE!! Like I am 5 months pregnant. I have to now unbutton my pants/shorts to finish my meals now because my tummy sticks so far out.

I still feel fatigue & sore chest, which was nothing different from the previous 2 weeks.

Things I really crave sushi, mainly salmon. I had a little fix on Friday. I had a cooked roll (dragon roll), which had eel, avocado and cucumber. It really hit the spot! Another thing I crave tuna sandwich. I know I can eat it, but I want to prepare it myself. I have just been to lazy too.

Here is my Week 7 picture. No really difference at all just a little bloating in these.

Week 7

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Annoucement SUCCESS!!!

We picked up my mom and step dad at the airport on Saturday afternoon. I was so excited too see them. The last time we saw them was at our wedding 11 months prior. So it was really great to see them. I was even more excited to break the news to them about our new bundle of joy. On our way to drop them off at their hotel for check in. My mom asked me several questions about my recent doctor's visit and if I started taking the Clomid again. I told her I was taking my medicine. She was telling me she wished she would have bought the Chinese herbal medicine. It would really help also doing a lot of walking. In my head I was just giggling that what she doesn't know I don't need ANY of that stuff! ha!

We picked them up for dinner at Pappasito's with Mike's family. My mom noticed the 2 gift bags I had in the truck. She asks me, "What is that?" I said they were gifts for the parents. I purposely put them in silver gifts bags and tissue paper to think that it was wedding related.

We go to Pappasito's & everyone greeted each other. Then we were seated in the enclosed room. It was nice to be in the room rather in the open dining area. It felt a little bit more intimate. Anywho......we order our drinks, appetizers & dinner. Then I told Kim and Becca that I was about to break the news. They got up and to take pictures and film the reaction. My mom still had no idea what was going on, but asked Becca to take pictures with her camera. I laughed.

I then handed my mom and Jeanette the gift bags. I asked my mom to open the book first. She opens it and goes, "Oh this is nice. Okay." She then reads the first page as she was was trying to enunciate each letter," We're Pregnant."  She said it one more time as she pointed her finger across the phrase, "We're Pregnant." She then finally realized what she was saying and turned to be and says, "YOU'RE PREGNANT??????" I say yes. Then she immediately hugs me and cries. She could not believe it. She was in TOTAL SHOCK! So was my step dad Craig. He said to me, "That medicine worked fast!"

Here beginning to open the gift. Hmmmm...what is it????

Reading what is on the front page. "We're Pregnant."
Finally realizes what was going on. You're WHAT?
Pure happiness. I love this picture! 
Mom and Craig are both so happy!
Loving on their onesies I made.
Grammy and Paw Paw loving theirs!
All 4 grandparents showing off their onesies!
The whole gang! So special that they were there!
Me and my baby daddy!
Us with the 4 grandparents!!!!


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