Thursday, March 24, 2011

Renovation....The Nursery!

We started to work on the room slowly, but surely in September. We first had a garage sale to get everything out of the room. It was basically used as a storage room and it was packed from floor to ceiling. Luckily we were able to sell the majority of the items. Thank goodness!!

The Garage Sale!!
Second was tearing everything out of the room. This was the fun part! Pulled out all the carpet, everything out of the closet (shelving, poles, racks, etc.). 

The dogs even wanted to help out! ;-)

Third Mike worked on some great solid pieces of furniture (dresser, tv armoire & crib) to refinish. This took a while since it was sooooo time consuming. We wanted black with some antiquing. Mike of course added his awesome creativity to it all with some stencil work and lining the interiors with some awesome mod podge work. It was worth every minute. He did an INCREDIBLE job! The pieces look soooo awesome!
My Dresser Growing Up Before.....
After without hardware....
Inside the dresser we Mod Podge this wrapping paper,
we bought at Michaels, as the lining turned out awesome!
Final Product...UH-MAAZING
Mike's T.V Armoire Before.....
And After.......!
(Mike painted on the stencils and added some cool hardware from Hobby Lobby)
Inside Mike lined it with fabric (mod podge) and made shelves for storage. We plan on getting baskets to store books and such!
We were blessed to have Mike's sister and our friend give us each a crib. We loved the look of my friend's crib that was originally white with some gray antiquing, but some of the crib slats were missing and I wasn't comfortable using a crib with missing slats. So we decided to use Mike's sister's crib it was a simple and sturdy design, but it was drop side crib. Mike was just about to be finished painting the crib when the story hit that drop side cribs were banned. With this news we had decide what we wanted to do. Buy a crib or figure out a way to make it a fixed crib. Since we orginally liked the other design we decided to combine both my friend's crib (using the side ends) and Mike's sister crib (using the slats) to create the crib that we wanted. Mike also created from scratch four sides that look like as if they were part of the crib. My husband is soooo talented!! By far this is my favorite piece. It turned out incredible!!!

I don't have any before and after pictures, but I have pictures of the process. Just remember the 2 ends were white and antiqued with a black. The slats were a oak.

 And After!! Pictures don't do it justice!!!
The bottom pieces were added on.
Mike created this sides out of scratch.
They look like they belong there!
Then the painting process began!
Here are the before pictures of the room.

I  wanted one darker gray wall and the rests of the walls a light gray. My original inspiration was this pic below.
We decided on gray for the walls It is just the perfect color for us. So chic and clean. We love the bead board and chair rail idea on the wall, but we decided to do it only up against our accent wall. I think eventually we will have them on all 4 walls. We decided against carpet. One carpet is just gross with all the stuff it collects in it and two we have 3 dogs that shed so carpet is not a fun thing when you have 3 dogs .

The room after Mike refinished the furniture right before he started to paint the walls.
Touching up some of the walls! He has the pose down!
Installing the floors. He did this in one night!!
 Now for the long awaited after pics!!!

Presto....the room! One of our 3 dogs Maverick wanted to pose.
He loves this room!
Lucy tried to get in the pic too!

The awesome closet that Mike built!
 We will be getting baskets that match for storage! So Awesome!
The awesome bedding made by my very talented mother in law. The decal is a custom decal made through
(I highly recommend them....very affordable)

We purchased the fabric from
the best prices anywhere!
And the precious diaper hanger she made!!
A diaper hanger is a MUST!!!

There are only a few more things we need  (baskets for closet, cornice window treatment, area rug) to do to complete Jett's cool room! I am super proud of this room and my hubby who made this happen. Besides our beautiful gem, Jett, this room is Mike's best work yet! He has created the vision I had as a perfect nursery into reality. Thank my AWESOME AWESOME husband!! I love you!



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