Monday, March 18, 2013

Weeks 13 & 14

This go around with this blog I will probably update every 2 weeks. It is a little hard to get away with a very active cutie patootie 2 year old.

Happy 30th Birthday To Me.... 13 weeks!
Winter of 2011 I started to count down the months of when I was going to turn the big 3-0. I knew I wanted to go all out for that big birthday. So that meant I couldn't be pregnant or breast feeding if I really wanted to go alot. Well as you know the story. I took the Clomid got pregnant, but that ended in a failed pregnancy and following another in July.  So it is pretty ironic I was celebrating my 1st trimester around my 30th birthday. Not so how I wanted my birthday to be like. I laugh at myself now. God sure did show me that it was his plan not mine. He showed me good! :-)

Since I was recovering from all the shots. I didn't want to do anything big for my 30th. I just felt like I had the best gift in the world being pregnant and getting through my horrible 1st trimester. It is amazing how things change in 2 short years on what you feel is a good birthday. Anywho.... I was feeling so much better. Not having to do anymore shots. I can walk again. Hold my baby and the thing I missed soo much.....EATING!! I actually lost weight weeks before, but I was sure making up for it. Not purposely, but I was just always hungry.

I began to bleed of and on. Nothing painful and to be worried about. I was told this would happen. It was just annoting. I wished it would stop.

Cravings....pickles again. And Korean food. All I can think of is food of my homeland. HA! One thing I can not stand the smell and the sight of are donuts. Mike would bring me donuts every Tuesday morning and I would have to give them away. I couldn't even just let them sit at my desk. The smell of the donuts just made me so nauseas.

Another smell that bothers me is strong perfume, cologne and hand soap. My nose had turned into a dog's and I could smell those scents for miles! Ewww!

My 30th was unbelievable and memorable thanks to Mike & Jett. I woke up to them singing Happy Birthday with a cinnamon roll with a candle. I had the most GORGEOUS flowers for my birthday. Mike told me I was suppose to go to my restroom because Jett had left me a birthday note. I went in and it was a note from Mike that made me so emotional. I cried. I then looked up there was a beautiful red box. I opened it and they were custom made diamond earrings that were replicas of my engagement ring. STUNNING. I was spoiled!!

Later that night I was surprised by a dinner with family and friends. That weekend Mike and Jett whisked me away to a resort on the lake. I was treated to a day of pampering. It was wonderful. A 30th that I was meant to have.

"The Baby Mommy!" .... 14 weeks!
It is one of the sweetest conversations I've had with Jett...

Me: "Hey, do you know where your baby is?"
Jett: "Right here mommy! The Baby Mommy!" (reaches for my belly and rubs)
Jett: (pulls his shirt and pats his belly)  Baby!!

I love it!! He just knows something is going on there. Not sure what, but he knows my belly has a baby.

This week I am feeling great! No major cravings, but I just eat lots of pickles. At least 1 or 2 a day. Helps settle my stomach if I have a stomach. I also find myself eating another meal right before I go to bed. So sad. I am starving!

Since the blood clot issue was still going on. I wanted to get a doppler if I could find one affordable, which I did. I found one (Jumper Prenatal Heart Listener) with great reviews on It was only $31! So worth it!

As soon as I got it at work. I tried it with out the gel. Of course it didn't work, but when I got home I pulled the gel out and squirted it on my belly. Baby was much lower than I thought, but I could hear a strong heartbeat. It was UHMAZING to hear on my own at home. Since then I have used it a couple more time and Mike listen to it as well. So awesome. Very much worth every penny.

I have been holding off on taking week to week pictures because I didn't want to jinx the pregnancy. Here are finally some from this past weekend. I am 14 weeks, 5 days.

Kisses for the baby <3 td="">
Love this kid!


Francis March 26, 2013 at 5:04 AM  

Hi! I just noticed you had updated your blog from Finley's corner. Glad to see all is well. Congrats on your pregnancy!


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