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Stone's Early Arrival

At 35 weeks, 1 day I was feeling crummy all day. I was exhausted all day at work and just not feeling well at all. I even made a comment to Mike that I think "D-day" was probably just around the corner. He laughed and told me I was crazy.

I was excited though that I had taken the next couple of days off and have a long weekend. Thursday was our 4th wedding anniversary so I wanted that day to be of just me and Mike before the baby came. Then on Friday would be a day for Jett one last time before Baby #2 arrived. That all changed that Wednesday night.

For dinner I heated up leftovers for me and Jett. Made a Frito Pie for Mike. I was feeling worse then I was feeling earlier that day at work. Very nausea. I couldn't finish my dinner. I decided to lay down around 7 pm. At 8 pm I got up to go to the restroom and noticed after I peed that liquid was still dripping out. I just thought that it was pee. Heard it was pretty common on this stage of pregnancy to leak pee. I changed my underwear. Literally 2 minutes later I felt the urge to go pee again. This time I wiped and I was spotting.

I went into the study and told Mike, "I think my water broke." Mike looks at me, "Wouldn't you know if your water broke or not?" I knew that there were different feelings when you water breaks. With Jett my water was broken for me after I went into labor and it was a big gush. I did hear from friends that your water could leak or be a big gush. Funny thing was I actually googled earlier that afternoon "how do you know when your water breaks?" So crazy that I did.

I started to text my sister in law who is a labor and delivery nurse. She had some questions for me and told me I should probably head in to labor and delivery. At this point I was only having Braxton hicks contraction, but they were about 10 minutes apart or so. Wasn't intense just the typical BH pains. I continued to have heavier spotting.

So I started to pack my bag. I had not packed anything at this point. I had a small pile of stuff I was making to start packing. I was frantic. I started a load in the wash of baby socks and hats that I just bought for the baby. I was praying I didn't forget anything. I knew I was going to come back home with a baby. Mike on the other hand thought it was a false alarm and was just chilling out on the bed checking facebook. He packed a bag for Jett just encase, but didn't pack anything for himself.

We woke up Jett and headed to St. Luke's labor and delivery. We got to the hospital around 11:30 pm and went to the ER then they took me up to L&D. The nurse checked to see if it was my fluid that was leaking and sure enough it was. And I was 1 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Dr. Young was not on call that night. He would be on at 7 am. I was too be admitted and was told I would be leaving the hospital with a baby.

We were all very nervous. This was obviously not part of the plan. We though we had at least 2 more weeks until I was full term to get things situated. We were also scared for our baby's health since he was not a full term baby at this point. The 3 of us were in the L&D waiting room praying for our family that all would be well.

Around midnight being wheeled into my hospital room. Jett in his cute pj's.

I was admitted into room 206. Mike's mom and sister came to pick up Jett from the hospital. Mike stayed with me that night. At this point they were just trying to keep me comfortable and monitor me and the baby. They started an antibiotic since the baby will be premature and some fluids. And I couldn't eat anything starting then. My pain level wasn't very high. Just BH pains. It was a rough night to sleep through with all these gadgets hooked up to me. Taking my vitals etc. Needless to say I probably slept about a hour the whole night.

At 7 am my nurse came in and told me she spoke to Dr. Young and he said he put in orders to go ahead and induce me since my water broke. I told Mike to go home to get last minute things, let the dogs out and pack his bag. It would probably be later that afternoon that the baby would arrive. They were thinking approx. 12 hours from when I was admitted. Mike left right before 8 am.

I started Pitocin right around 8 am and Dr. Young came in. He did an ultrasound to check the fluid levels. Baby was head down and fluid was low. He wanted to put fluid back into my uterus. This will help relieve the cord pressure preventing the baby's blood pressure to drop. He catherized me with that thing. Very uncomfortable. And around 8:20ish I was at a 3cm.

My nurse Julie was awesome. Very supportive. She told me if I wanted an epidural that it takes her 30 minutes to get the doctor here and ready to give it to me. Also, she wasn't going to check me much because my water broke, but would check me when I had my cathered in after the epidural.

I was looking at the clock and told myself I would try to hold out until 10 am for my epidural. Then things got intense. My contractions were becoming extremely painful and 2 minutes apart. I didn't think I could take it anymore at 2 minutes apart. It was hard not having my partner by my side to get me through the contractions. I did feel alone at that point, but it was just part of how everything happened with the baby getting here early. I called Julie at 9:15 am, "I am ready for my epidural." I called Mike right after asking where he was and to hurry cause I was getting my epidural soon.

Mike came right when they were giving me my epidural. He had to wait outside since that was policy. At 10 am my epidural was in. I had some relief. My legs were just starting to get numb. Julie then put my cather in. Since  she was putting it in she decided to check me. It was around 10:20 ish. She had a puzzled look on her face, "Hmmmm....he is really low." I asked if that was a good or bad thing. She then says, "Um...I think you are ready to have a baby right now." We were all in shock. She was going to have another nurse double check. She came in and agreed that it was about to happen really soon. They were setting everything up. Making the calls.

I couldn't believe I was about to have this baby. I felt like I just started the labor process and thought I was going to go through this for a few more hours. How is that he is already ready to come out? I mean I went from a 3 to a 10 in less than 2 hours. I was nervous that Dr. Young would not be there in time. I wanted him to be the one who delivered the baby. We all had gone through so much together during this pregnancy. I started to pray and let be in God's hands. He knows what he is doing.

Dr. Young arrives puts on his scrubs. Sits down on his stool. Mike's starting counting....1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,  10. I pushed 3 times. He is HERE!! Everyone was amazed that I pushed so little. Dr. Young shook his head, "You are a ROCKSTAR. Holy Cow!"

My placenta however took longer to come out than the actual baby. Dr. Young said that it was stuck and the placenta was in bad shape. They sent it off to get it taken looked at. Also, it was a good thing I had gotten an epidural because it would have been extremely painful. I am glad I got the epidural too and that they didn't check me before they gave me the epi. I would have been at 10 cm and wouldn't give to me. I think that was all part of God's plan. He is always by my side looking out for me.

I was so emotional after the delivery. Our miracle baby had arrived. I just wanted to look at him. We had gone through so much together. From taking the Clomid, bleeding at 6 weeks, 70+ progesterone shots during 1st trimester, & preterm labor. He was a fighter through out this whole pregnancy. He was perfect. Apgar score 8 & 9. Our family is even better with this blessing from God. God is great!

Stone William Martin
Born 10:51 am on August 8, 2013 (on our 4th wedding anniversary)
5 lbs, 4 oz.
17.5 inches

Stone was immediately taken to the NICU after birth. Just because he was born at 35 weeks and by protocol he needed to be in there for a certain period of time. Mike followed him into the NICU where they did all their test for premies. We were praying he would be in our room that night.

Stone did his time in the NICU. Passed all the tests with flying colors. He was managing his temperature perfectly, breathing like a champ, and sugar levels were great. By 6 pm he was in our room by my side sleeping peacefully. 

Dr. Young came the next day to check on me. He thought the cause of my preterm labor was probably because of the clot and the horrible placenta. I asked if it would effect any future pregnancies he said it wouldn't. 

All the doctors and nurses were amazed that Stone was born at 35 weeks. He certainly was not acting like a 35 week baby. He was nursing great and just had such great coloring. One doctor thought they miscalculated my due date, which there is no way since I took Clomid. 

on August 10, 2013 we were able to go home. So grateful that we did. I always heard people leaving their premature babies at the hospital. I was so blessed FINALLY after our two losses in 2012 and this crazy pregnancy to able to take our "take home" baby to his home.

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