Monday, September 27, 2010

4 month check up

We went on our 4 month check up this past Thursday. I didn't know what to expect since it was the first time we just went in for a regular check up. The other times there were ultra sounds, pap smears, blood test, & etc. I didn't expect any new tests or ultra sounds. So I was curious to see what would happen.

The wait wasn't long this time...thank goodness. Usually the waiting room would be completely full of pregnant women who are about to pop! We went in about 9:15ish or so. Didn't wait long for the doctor either. He asked if we had any questions and then did what I was waiting to hear for a month! The heartbeat! He pulled that doppler that I hated a couple months back when it didn't detect the heartbeat. However, this time it took literally not even a second to find that little heart beat. It was beating at a strong 152! Everything sounded great! I was feeling good!

He then asked if we wanted to test for Downs. I said yes automatically. Didn't even ask Mike what his thoughts were, which I should have. I just thought it would just be a good test to take. So we stayed in the room for another 30 minutes to do my blood work. So I have gotten plenty of blood work in the past and this time it was the most painful thing I have ever experience. Usually it is just the prick of the needle for a couple of seconds, but this was excruciating pain from the prick to the drawing of the blood and afterwards. Just pain!!!

People have asked me why did I want to take the Downs test. And I tell people just to ease my mind, but then I start to think. If I did find out if we had a baby that had Downs what would we do we are literally 1/2 way through the pregnancy. I am not sure what we would do in that situation. That would be a pretty serious conversation between Mike and I because I am not sure how he feels about it. We will cross that bridge when we get there. Just taking it one day at a time.

I am really looking forward to our 20 week ultrasound which is scheduled for 2 weeks. I can't wait to see our little baby move. It will be 2 months since we have seen it!



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