Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 15: How I feel

Add Funyuns and Snow Cones to the List
So not only pickles & BBQ sunflower seeds are still part of the cravings. To add to the weird list are Funyuns & Snow cones. Yes, you heard right Funyuns!! The onion ring chips that make your breathe just wreak after eating them, but they are sooooo good. They remind so much of my early childhood in Corpus Christi. Every Sunday after church the Pastor's son would buy me a big bag of Funyuns because he knew I loved them. Man those were the days. 

The sweet taste of a strawberry snow cone just lingers through my mind alllll week! I can't access a real good snow cone until the weekend. So I look forward to the weekend not only for the break, but for the snow cone. Soooo sad!

Hello Maternity Clothes
The Belly Band that I purchased around 12 weeks or so is starting to get old. It wasn't that bad when I could kind of still button my pants, but it was just uncomfortable. Well now it is just impossible. The band is starting to ride up and it is covering more area now since I can not zip up my pants. Also, I am getting annoying with all impressions of my pants my skin. I can see every detail of a button or a hook of my pants. Jeans are the worst! So Mike and I stopped into Motherhood Maternity to try on some pants and boy are they UGLY!! No wonder women hold off on the maternity clothes as long as possible. These pants do not enhance anything for you or even help you in anyway for your figure. I decided to wait on the pants for 1 more week, but after that I will need to invest in a few pair of pants. Ugh!!

I am looking forward to picking out some new shirts, but not maternity. The tops these days are so flowy so I will stick to that so I can continue to wear them after the pregnancy. That's a positive to look forward too. :-)

First Panic Attack
On Monday (Labor Day) I had my first panic attack about the preparation of our little Martin baby. I started to work on our budget and it dawned on me. What we are living on right now is what we can afford not including a new baby, hospital cost, etc. I started to freak out. Bawled through out the day. Then Mike reassured me not to worry that God would be with us and things always turn up for us. Doesn't feel like it right now, but it will. I completely believe that God will be us and will only give us we can only handle. I just have to trust he will do what is best for our family. I believe.

Week 15 Pic! Somewhat of a bump!
(I love how Maverick is gazing at the baby belly)



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