Monday, December 6, 2010

How I Feel: Week 27

No Cravings...
I have been surprised that I've had NO cravings lately. No pickles, fuyuns, or sun flower seeds cravings. I have just been HUNGRY! When Mike asks me, "So what do you want to eat?" I just say, "Whatever." Which is so weird because at least I know what I want to eat, but nothing!! Maybe they will be pick up during the 3rd trimester. I would like to be more decisive on my food choices.

Gone Campin!
Yes, at almost 7 months pregnant I went hard core tent camping because that is how I roll! ha ha! And yes, the bright idea to go camping was mine! The Martin family we have always talked about going as a family somewhere. So I thought it would be great to go on a little camping trip up the day after Thanksgiving to Huntsville State Park, which is 45 minutes North of Houston. It is sounded like a great idea at the time until it went from the 80s down to the 30s. It was BRRRR rabbit cold!!! And of course we were camping with tents. They had sold out months prior that weekend at the park and the only thing available were tent sites only. We still had a great time in the freezing cold. Mike and Rick built a warm campfire. Mike bought me a sweatshirt, beanie and gloves before we went camping so I kept pretty warm. We had lots of food, smores, hot dogs & etc. The kids and the guys try to fish, but the fish just wouldn't bite at the pier. It was a great time till we had to go to bed in the cold. We did good though and got through the night. We were told the next day it got to be 26 degrees. BRRRRRR. Next time we definitely need to take the camper and go when the weather is a little warmer. Maybe it will be a holiday tradition. :-) Minus the cold weather.



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