Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How I feel: Week 29

The Discomfort
My skin on my belly is STREEEEEEEETTTCCCHHHIIINNNNGG!!! And it HURTS! Luckily the itch isn't too bad, but the stretching is pretty uncomfortable. It feels like someone is getting the top layer of your skin and pulling in opposite directions. Ugh! On top of that this little one that is inside me is just doing somersaults and jabbing me so hard. Typically I can take this, but lately these jabs and kicks feel like they are about to bust out of my belly. I try to position myself certain ways, but it doesn't matter I am still uncomfortable. I think the worst is when I am on my right side. The baby must have more room and not like it because it is the most active in that position.

Contemplating Cord Blood Banking
Mike and I have been contemplating for a while if were going to bank the baby's cord blood for a while. We were back and forth on it. Mike and I both don't have any family history with the typical diseases that are being treated with the cord blood. We know it is always good to have so we wanted to get our doctor's opinion. When we talked to him he thought it was an excellent idea. He said that every day they are coming up with new ways to use the cord blood. It was be great to do just encase anything happens to Mike and I we can use it or on the baby if it isn't a blood disease. So I started to think if we had cord blood available to my dad after his accident would it have saved him???? So we decided even though we don't really have the money for it now. Money shouldn't be the reason for us not to do it because we can come up with them $$. I don't want to regret it or look back and say we sooo should have done it. So we are doing it!!

Woo Hoo Gained a little more!
This was the week I started my every 2 week appoinments. The last time I was there I didn't see the doctor for a full month and I had only gained 2 pounds. However, this time it was only a 2 week gap and I gained 4 pounds during that time. I was completly shocked ! Since I haven't really had a great big appetite like I had in the past. I guess the baby is growing more and more. So excited! As of this week I am 124 lbs. I was originally 101 lbs. WOO HOO!!



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