Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Weeks 27-31

Wow....It has been a very busy month for us. We've been in our new home for about a month now. Trying to get everything situated and unpacked. It has been a slow and huge undertaking. I haven't had a chance to take any photos in front of the big family ruler. I've been so tired by the time I get home I just want to lay down and sleep.

I am officially in the 3rd trimester. Here is a picture of me that I took in the bathroom at work at 28 weeks when I officially started my 3rd trimester.

28 weeks...3rd trimester

I have gained so far 23 lbs. I weigh a little more than I do when I had Jett. It is so hard to believe. Weight gain wise this pregnancy is much different. 1st trimester I lost weight because of the progesterone shots I was taking. I barely could eat so I lost a few pounds. 2nd trimester I had more energy so I just ate and not very healthy. I gained 20 lbs just in the 2nd trimester with this pregnancy! My pregnancy with Jett I gained about 10 lbs per trimester or so to give you an idea how different it is.  So my body is definitely letting me know that it does not feel good.

I get swollen pretty easily. The hot weather probably has something to do with it it too. My rings still fit luckily, but I take them off as soon as I get home.

I can't sit or stand for long periods of time now. My lower back hurts quite a bit if I do. I don't really have any cravings any more, which is great. I do eat alot more...mainly I just finish everything that is on my plate.

I had an ultrasound at 28 weeks to check out the growth of the baby. He is doing great! He was sucking his thumb during the ultrasound. He was at about 40% percentile for growth. Dr. Young said right in the middle. Dr. Young did make the comment that he would like to write a paper on my pregnancy because of the blood clot. I thought that would be sooo cool.

This little guy is quite a mover. Constantly moving to a point that it is uncomfortable. It is harder to sleep now with all the movement. I can now feel actual body parts pushing out. Very interesting to see. Kind of gross, but cool all at the same time.

At 31 weeks I went in for more blood work. Not sure what for, but all I know there were at least 10 vials I had to fill. Next appointment I will be 33 weeks and doing another ultrasound. Crazy to think this new addition will be here possibly next month. It really hasn't hit me yet. I am just now starting to pick out the fabrics for his bedding. Hopefully we can start painting the nursery soon.

Finally got a pick with the ruler. It is not hung up yet, but good enough to take a pic.



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