Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week 25 & 26

We are MOVING!!!
This was the most stressful week I've had in a very long time! We closed on our very first home that we built on May 29th. We were planning on moving on that weekend. Originally we were just going to slowly move ourselves into the new house, but if we are going to move I just wanted to get it done.When you start packing your home you think you don't have much then quickly realize you do. Oh boy this was tough.

Packing did a number on my back. I had really bad lower back pains every day this week. It was really hard to manage. I refused to take meds though. I just put a heating pad on my back when I was at work. I was exceptionally emotional these two weeks. One I felt like I had no control and two we were leaving the home are first born came home too. This was his home. He took his first steps, rode his bike, had his first Christmas and New Years. Even though we were not in the best house it was our home. Our son loved it. I was a wreck.

So these two weeks were pretty painful for me. Swollen feet, aching back, lack of sleep, emotional wreck, etc. It will hopefully the only most stressful time of my pregnancy. Let's hope.

I have been really bad about taking bump pics. This was taken the day we started to move.



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