Thursday, June 20, 2013

Week 23 & 24

Week 23....Oh my  belly!!
This week I've had major belly aches. I guess my spicy food craving was a little much on the little guy. For 4 days. I was not feeling all that great. Didn't help that he was super active while my belly was aching. Eventually all the spicy food was out of my system. Everything was back to normal.

This week little Martin #2 has been super active. He is really really low. He is very active in the later afternoon and early evening. He now wakes me up in the middle of night.

My Braxton Hicks are more often now, but not too bad. I do go to the potty once or twice in the middle of the night. I noticed it is about about every 3-4 hours I have to go. Almost like feeding a newborn. ha!

Week 24...Glucose Test. Yuck!
We went in to see Dr. Young this week and do my glucose test. I got to try the "fruit punch" flavor this time. It wasn't as bad as the orange. I actually prefer the fruit punch better. We got to hear the strong heartbeat of the baby.

Dr. Young said next time we would do ultrasound to check out growth and such. Then after that it will be every 2 weeks. It is crazy how this pregnancy has just flew by. I feel it is much faster than I when was pregnant with Jett. I guess having a toddler already keeps you busy and you loose track of time.

We went to a restaurant the other day and Jett saw a small baby. He screamed in excitement and pointed, "Baby!" That got me excited to see him so happy too see little baby. I am so concerned he will be jealous of the new baby. Him reacting like that reassured me a little bit.



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