Friday, August 27, 2010

We are having a.....

Wouldn't you like to know? Ha ha!

We went into the doctor August 26th at 14 weeks and 1 day. We were going in for an ultrasound to check everything was okay with my cervix. I had a procedure done a few years back that could cause issues during the pregnancy. Luckily my doctor is keeping close eye on it. I will have a few more of these type of ultrasounds.

The ultrasound tech was mainly looking at the cervix we could see the baby some. She had to do a transvaginal ultrasound since she was checking the cervix. This gives her some details of the baby. She tells us everything looked great with the cervix. Then asked if we would like to know the gender? I was shocked that she knew already! Mike automatically said no because he really wanted to keep the element of surprise at the birth. I kept saying I wanted to know because deep down inside I did. He kept his ground.

Baby looked great! We got 2 u/s pictures. Nothing to do with the gender. Baby's heartbeat was at 156!

As we walk out I guess the peer pressure got to him and he tell the tech...."Go ahead and tell her?" Me and the ultrsound tech were both shock that he said that. Then she told us we were having a.......

Not telling!!

Since Mike gave up knowing we decided to keep this secret to ourselves. So we can enjoy this moment. I will still be planning everything as gender neutral with the nursey and the things we get for the baby.

We are both sooo excited! Mike was disappointed some that we found out. I totally understand why, but I still think the experience we will go through during the birth will overshadow knowing. It will still be a big surprise!

We go back September 23rd at 18 weeks for a check up! Almost half way too see out little baby Martin!



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