Thursday, August 12, 2010

1st Check up....Dumb Doppler!

We had our first official check up on Wednesday at our 12 week mark. Mike went with me for the support plus he would get to hear the heart beat. I knew going into the appointment that I would get my annual exam since I hadn't had one yet and then he would use the doppler on me to detect a heartbeat. We weren't due for another ultrasound until 2 more weeks.

So we do the exam, which was fine no big deal. Except I always feel uncomfortable my legs on the stirrups and Mike is joking with the doctor about some other stuff. AWKWARD....having my husband joke with another man who is looking in my "woo ha." I know he is a doctor and everything, but STILL! Weird!

So Dr. Young gets the Doppler out. Has me lay down and lift my shirt so he can rub the Doppler on my belly. I thought it would be no problem getting a heartbeat since I heard the doctor's doppler are very sensitive compared to the ones you can buy for yourself. So he keeps searching and searching and searching. I am starting to freak out! He doesn't seem to think it was a big deal and just tells me to get dressed and I will get an ultrasound. So of course I freak out as we wait 15 minutes in the waiting room. What if we don't hear a heartbeat? How will I react? I would be devastated. This can't happen to us! I am just squeeze on Mike's hand tight and he is telling me not to worry.

Finally the ultra sound tech calls my name to come on back for the ultrasound. I lay down and she squirts the jelly stuff and rubs my belly. Then we saw our bean was an actual BABY! She goes, "Do you see it just moving around like crazy?" I just started to laugh and felt a huge amount of RELIEF! Baby was moving so much and had a heart beat of 175!  Saw the little fingers make a fist and legs stretching and moving around. I was speechless! So awesome!

Because of the dumb doppler we were able to see our baby! Wish I didn't feel the way I felt before the ultra sound, but it doesn't matter now. We have a BABY!

Stretching out its' little legs!

The little arm and hand. Making a fist. Sooo cute!

Freaky!! Looks like an alien!



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