Saturday, August 28, 2010

Goodbye 1st Trimester!!!

We are officially done with the 1st trimester!! WOO HOO!!! I am looking forward to the "honeymoon" trimester.

Not sure how much my waistline grew. All I know is that I can not zip up any pants or shorts! Belly Band all the way. I also gained 8 lbs my 1st trimester (101lbs to 109lbs....I know still stick then). Which is awesome! Since most of my life I have always had extremely difficult time in gaining weight. I am very happy with the weight gain. So was my doctor's office.
I will not miss the constant fatigue, nausea, heighten sense of smell and taste, major mood swings, taking my suppositories, etc. Amen it is gone!!!

It was exciting to find out about the pregnancy and annoucing it too all our friends and family. We are so excited about our new addition. I am sure the next two trimesters will just fly by!

Progression of the belly on the 1st trimester...... 
(I was trying to suck it in most of the
time to see the real bump and not bloat)



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