Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 19: How I feel

Finally told someone
I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned this week. So many great things during this appointment. (1) Baby moved for the first time (2) I finally got to tell someone what we were having.

My dentist starts chatting & asking questions about our pregnancy then he asks the question that everyone asks, "Do you know what you are having?" I said, "Yes, but we are keeping a secret, but I am going to tell you because I have been dying to tell someone." He laughed and promised he didn't know our parents and would keep it hush. I laughed as I told him. It felt great! It was really surreal finally being able to say it out loud that we are having a...... (not till the shower till everyone will find out). I also told the ladies at the front desk since I was on a roll. I didn't care if they knew too. I only see these people twice a year. So what the heck! I can't wait to annouce it to everyone at the shower in January.

We go in for an 20 week ultrasound this week, which will probably confirm the gender because I am not completly sold on what it is.

Rebellious Dogs!
I just want to strangle our 3 dogs. The dogs were originally getting out through the back of the yard. So I decided to take charge after one of their escapes in the evening. I huffed and puffed at 17 weeks and fixed the fence succesfully by myself. They never got out from that access point. SUCCESS!!

Now....there is a part of the fence in our front yard where a tree fell from Ike. The fence is much lower and Mike had fixed at one point, but there is another part that the dogs were climbing over. All 3 including hefty Mr. Bentley. When Bentley first did it 9 months back the other 2 dogs couldn't do it and he climbed over very seldomly. Now it is practically everyday with Lucy. Last week I thought I would give my carpentry skills a try again. I just placed one of the metal sheets higher than the fence so they couldn't climb over. I thought it would work. FAIL!!! Bentley & Lucy still climbed over their same side. Then all of the sudden when I trying to stop the other two I see Maverick in the corner of my eye run back and jump over the 6 ft rigged fence I had built. I was just amazed that he could do that. I never saw him as a jumper. Then I had to go get them down the street as usual, but this time I had to refrain Lucy from killing poor little chicken. She is nuts!

After many the escapes my stomach always tightens up from the stress and always worries me that it is hurting the baby. And worse....l;ead to misscarriage. I finally asked me to PLEASE fix the fence. Mike finally fixed the fence so hopefully now they won't do it again. I really need the dog whisper out here to help us with their escaping. Hopefully walking Bentley and the 2 other dogs will help with the want to get out. I just can't have another Coyte accident happen again. I couldn't live with another incident like that again the guilt just destroys me.

Nursery in the Works
We had our garage sale the weekend before to clear out the room. So we are good to go starting to work on the nursery!!! Yay! I didn't know when we would start, but one evening this week while I was watching my show I noticed that Mike had disappeared. I walked in the hallway and saw pieces of carpet in the hallway. He had started to rip up all the carpet in the room!! WOO HOO! He took it all out. All we need to do now is finalize paint colors and paint the room. Then work on the floors! I can't wait to start working on it! It will be sooooo much fun!! Finally get to decorate a room for a baby!!!



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