Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 22: How I feel

Ouch....My Eyes
I had read in the books that your eyes become drier while you are pregnant. I didn't think this would be a problem with me, but apparently it is. I have worn contacts for 14 years and I've had maybe 4 scratches/ulcers in my eyes from sleeping in my contacts during that over decade long time span. I really do not enjoy going to sleep and waking up practically blind. It is very annoying rummaging through your stuff in the dark looking for your glasses and there are many of times I never find them and I am walking around the house like a zombie. Thus, I sleep in my contacts. I even invested on contacts that I am allowed to sleep in or where for long periods of time. However, my eyes must be really really dry now because everytime I sleep in my contacts I wake up the next morning with my eye red, swollen and being in major pain. Then I have to wear my old glasses for a week and put in these antibiotic eyedrops I had from a year ago. So I don't have to continously go to the eye doctor. I have to say now I've had about 5 scratches in my eyes in the last 3 months. So annoying. I guess I will just be taking these contacts on & off every night. Really not fun when you go to the restroom 4 times a night and trip over dogs or beds.

Is That A Line?
The dreaded line on the belly that I was hoping would come towards the end my pregnancy is here. Right now it is a very very faint line, but I see it. I hope it doesn't get darker. I don't think it is super attractive next to the belly button that will pop out soon. Another change on my body that I will just have to deal with the next few months.

Nom Nom Nom
Looks like I have a growing appetite now. Before the pregnancy I always had tons of leftovers with all my meals and I was rarely hungry. I basically ate like a bird. Oh boy have the times change. I now have nothing on my plate, I go for second helpings, then 2 hours later I am hungry AGAIN! This is so not like me, but I gotta do whatever it takes to makes this baby happy and gain a healthy amount of weight. I just know now I can eat a whole pizza faster than Mike. And yes that is a huge accomplishement. Tee Hee!



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