Wednesday, November 24, 2010

6 Month Check Up!

I can not believe we are already here at our 6 month check up (27 weeks)! Today's check up was fast. It was the 1st time that Mike has not been on an appointment with me, but that is okay. These appointments are so short now he really doesn't need to be present. Nothing super important going on like an ultrasound.

I gained 2lbs since my last visit (4 weeks ago). Down's test...negative (yay!). I passed my glucose test...woo hoo!! However, from the test we discovered I lack iron. So I will be needing to take iron through out the rest of the pregnancy and 6 weeks after I deliever. The doctor stated I would be losing alot of blood after the delivery so it would be good that I continue to take it after the pregnancy. Since that moment he said something about after the delivery I really hadn't thought about what my body would be like after I had the baby. Well I am glad the doctor brought it up because I need think past this pregnancy.

I have scheduled my next 3 appointments for every 2 weeks! Wow!!!



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