Friday, July 9, 2010

What could it be???

Mike had decided for the both of us that we were not going to find out the gender of the baby. He wanted to delivery to be even more emotional not just having a baby born, but knowing we have brought into this world a little girl or boy. I get that and all......but I need to plan!!

It is very difficult finding gender neutral anything these days because everyone finds out the gender of the baby prior to it being born. So everything is pink and blue. And if it is green or yellow it has animals and looks like a little boy's outfit. It is so different from when Mike and I were born. You never could find out what you were having so everything was gender neutral up to a certain age.

It is really going to be a tough tough 8 months not knowing. While we are waiting for the arrival of our little one.

So at work yesterday they girls (Jeana & Courtney) the "needle and thread" gender test. What you do it you hold out your palm of your hand. Someone with a steady hand hold a string with needle tied to the end of it. Once it is still it will begin moving again over your palm. If it moves in a pendulm motion it is a boy. If it is moves in a circular motion then it is a girl. For me it was first boy, but continue straight into a girl. Typically the needle stops before it goes to the next gender. So the girls suspect that we are having twins! One of each!

Our chances did increase of having multiples because taking the Clomid. I don't think I am based on my HCG levels from last week.

I started to think of the possibility of twins and that would be NUTS!! But at the same time soo much fun. Well I guess we will see next week at our ultrasound! I just pray for a healthy baby or babies!



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