Monday, July 19, 2010

1st ultrasound!! We have a bean!

Thursday, July 15th is the day we FINALLY got to see our baby!!

We had an early 8 AM appointment for an ultrasound and first visit with my ob/gyn. We first went into the ultra sound room. It was so awesome to finally to be in that room because we were pregnant and not because I had some woman issues they had to check out.

I laid down and there was a small screen for me to see. Mike sat near the ultrasound tech and watched off her screen. She used the ultrasound device and immediately we saw our little bean!! What a sense of relief. We saw the little heart beat just go, which was so cool to see. Then she turned on the sound so we can hear the baby's heart beat. THAT was the MOST amazing thing I have ever heard. A little heart beat in my body that wasn't mine. So so AWESOME!! All I can do it SMILE and kept repeating how awesome it was. The u/s tech then told us the heartbeat was 160 which was very very good. So far a strong baby!

She took some measurements of the baby, which by the way is only 1. No twins for us this time around! Tee hee! She checked out my ovaries to see everything was okay. She said it looked like I ovulated from my left ovary and everything looked wonderful in there. I was right on track 8 weeks, 1 day. Due February 23, 2011!!

The funny part was that my u/s tech was pregnant to and her due date was only 2 days after mine! Nuts! I was so happy for too!!

The overall experience was just amazing and indescribable on how I felt. I did feel a great sense of relief that the baby was okay. I can not wait too see the progression of the baby for our next u/s, which will be at 13 weeks at the end of my 1st trimester. The baby won't be a little bean anymore. It will actually have fingers, toes and no tail!!

Our little bean!



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