Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 9: How I feel

9 weeks have already! Amazing how fast time is flying. Things have definitely changed some during this week, but also keeping the same symptoms.

Sensory overload!!!
It feels like my sense of smell has heighten to it's peak! Everything just hurts my head. I feel like a dog sniffing around trying to figure our where the strong smell is coming from. It drives me crazy! Most of the time it is perfume or cologne that really hits me. That stuff I can't do anything about especially if I am in a meeting or in a car with someone. I want to puke, but I have to hold it in. So nauseating.

My other sense of taste has really changed this week. On Friday we had some sushi because I was craving it ALL week. I was dreaming about the yummy roll I was going to put into my mouth. We finally get the roll I eat it. Then had to spit it out!! It was the most salty and disgusting thing EVER!! So not the same! I thought it was the actual sushi (cooked), but Mike said it was me because everything was fine. Ugh! I guess I can't enjoy sushi for the next 6 months! Boo!! What I really want is just a sliver of sushi salmon. Doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. Maybe after the baby is born I can get a delivery of sushi as soon as I push "Baby Martin" out! ha!

With my sense of taste changing. Nothing is really appetizing anymore. I am not craving anything and I really don't want to eat anything. Since now every time I eat it upsets my stomach or just doesn't taste right. And now after I eat my stomach just blows up because of the bloat! So annoying! I hope this all changes in the 2nd trimester.

Same ole Same ole
Still really tired and going to the restroom quite often. My trips to the restroom are more frequent now then ever. I think I have to go to the restroom at least once an hour or more!

I know most of my posts are negative about all my symptoms because they are just not fun in the 1st trimester. However, I am really excited to say my pants are starting to get tighter because my belly is starting to grow. Meaning baby is getting bigger and I will have a bump soon!

I have been really slacking at taking my weekly photos. I think I will do what I saw another girl do online is take photos every 4 weeks. So I will have a photo for sure at my 10 week mark! I can compare 6 weeks and 10 weeks! Hopefully we will see a difference!!



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