Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Annoucement SUCCESS!!!

We picked up my mom and step dad at the airport on Saturday afternoon. I was so excited too see them. The last time we saw them was at our wedding 11 months prior. So it was really great to see them. I was even more excited to break the news to them about our new bundle of joy. On our way to drop them off at their hotel for check in. My mom asked me several questions about my recent doctor's visit and if I started taking the Clomid again. I told her I was taking my medicine. She was telling me she wished she would have bought the Chinese herbal medicine. It would really help also doing a lot of walking. In my head I was just giggling that what she doesn't know I don't need ANY of that stuff! ha!

We picked them up for dinner at Pappasito's with Mike's family. My mom noticed the 2 gift bags I had in the truck. She asks me, "What is that?" I said they were gifts for the parents. I purposely put them in silver gifts bags and tissue paper to think that it was wedding related.

We go to Pappasito's & everyone greeted each other. Then we were seated in the enclosed room. It was nice to be in the room rather in the open dining area. It felt a little bit more intimate. Anywho......we order our drinks, appetizers & dinner. Then I told Kim and Becca that I was about to break the news. They got up and to take pictures and film the reaction. My mom still had no idea what was going on, but asked Becca to take pictures with her camera. I laughed.

I then handed my mom and Jeanette the gift bags. I asked my mom to open the book first. She opens it and goes, "Oh this is nice. Okay." She then reads the first page as she was was trying to enunciate each letter," We're Pregnant."  She said it one more time as she pointed her finger across the phrase, "We're Pregnant." She then finally realized what she was saying and turned to be and says, "YOU'RE PREGNANT??????" I say yes. Then she immediately hugs me and cries. She could not believe it. She was in TOTAL SHOCK! So was my step dad Craig. He said to me, "That medicine worked fast!"

Here beginning to open the gift. Hmmmm...what is it????

Reading what is on the front page. "We're Pregnant."
Finally realizes what was going on. You're WHAT?
Pure happiness. I love this picture! 
Mom and Craig are both so happy!
Loving on their onesies I made.
Grammy and Paw Paw loving theirs!
All 4 grandparents showing off their onesies!
The whole gang! So special that they were there!
Me and my baby daddy!
Us with the 4 grandparents!!!!



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